New tools always have their learning curves! The Getting Started at CoSchedule demo will empower you with the tools you need to rock your CoSchedule editorial calendar.

Join our awesome Customer Success team to discuss the basic features of CoSchedule.

In this demo you’ll learn the basics of setting up your calendar, get a walkthrough of key features, and learn how to edit, schedule, and draft your first piece of content!


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Discovering  Your Calendar

  • (2:30) Exploring your CoSchedule calendar.
  • (4:22) Working with Standalone Content and the Headline Analyzer
  • (6:37) Edit and work with your unscheduled content inside of CoSchedule’s Draft Bin.

Configure Your Calendar Inside of CoSchedule’s Settings

  • (10:05) Add Social Profiles to your CoSchedule calendar.
  • (17:27) Integrate CoSchedule with some of your favorite products!

Schedule Messages to Promote Your Awesome Content

  • (12:35) Use CoSchedule’s Social Queue to help promote your blog post.
  • (18:17) Working with CoSchedule’s Chrome Extension helps you curate content faster.

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