What Makes CoSchedule The Most Powerful Hootsuite Alternative?

What Makes CoSchedule The Most Powerful Hootsuite Alternative?

Hootsuite is an effective tool for managing multiple social media accounts. However, it isn’t without limitations. These limitations are most likely what have led you to search for an alternative.

Execution is important for social media marketing success. However, so is proper planning, organization, and collaboration.

Hootsuite’s main focus is primarily placed on sharing one-and-done social media messages. It also includes monitoring and analytics functionality. However, it’s essential for complete content marketing plans to connect both content and social media for maximum impact. Since Hootsuite doesn’t offer the project management and team communication features savvy marketers need, you’re left to rely on other tools for these tasks.

If you’re looking for a more effective alternative to Hootsuite that will improve your social media execution while streamlining project management and team collaboration, look no further.

You’re about to learn how CoSchedule can make social media marketing easier by:

  • Creating complete social campaigns that align with your overall content strategy, all within one intuitive drag-and-drop calendar interface.
  • Giving you more control over your project planning and social media management.
  • Optimizing your workflow for easier social media planning, collaboration, and execution.

What Is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is an all-in-one social media and content marketing calendar. It helps marketers plan, schedule, and execute social media messaging and content marketing projects.

Illustration of the CoSchedule Calendar Dashboard

CoSchedule features an intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It helps you easily move individual posts and entire social media campaigns (including dozens of messages) without rescheduling each one individually. Simply grab a project, drag it to a different date, and all associated social messages and tasks automatically reschedule, too.

Take Your Social Media Scheduling To The Next Level

CoSchedule gives you total control of your social media message scheduling.

Within its dashboard, your marketing team can plan, create, and schedule blog posts, landing pages, and other content all in one place. This makes it easy to keep your social media messages together with the content they’re intended to promote. Plus, integrated team communication and task management tools streamline collaboration.

Here’s how it all works.

Plan Messaging Ahead Of Time With Social Media Scheduling

The CoSchedule calendar dashboard makes it easy to pick days and times for social messages. You can then create the social messages directly in the web app.

Once you’ve chosen a publish date for your content, you’ll be prompted to decide what type of content you’ll be creating. Choose from Content, Social Campaigns, Blog Posts, and more.

Content creation options in CoSchedule

As a social media marketer, you’re likely most interested in Social Campaigns. Instead of being limited to scheduling only a single social message at a time with Hootsuite, you can create multiple social messages in a campaign with CoSchedule to share your content more than once. Sharing the same content more than easily double your traffic.

It’s also possible to create standalone social media posts too.

Once you’ve selected Social Campaign, you can easily write social messages and choose what networks and publish dates when you’ll share.

Save time by connecting multiple networks and publishing all in one place

Scheduling social campaigns is as easy as that. Best of all, you can keep all your copy, images, videos, and team communication notes togehter in one place.

Post At The Right Time, Every Time With Best Time Scheduling

One of CoSchedule’s most advantageous benefits is Best Time Scheduling. This feature allows for you to automatically reach your audience at the most optimal time on each network.

You can eliminate the guesswork of figuring out when to share and let CoSchedule handle your social media publishing. CoSchedule uses the best practices from each network to share your content when you’ll strategically get the most reach.

If you’d like a little more control over your posting schedule while still using Best Time Scheduling, you can choose from different time ranges to post:

  • Morning (8–11 a.m.)
  • Midday (11–3 p.m.)
  • Afternoon (3–7 p.m.)
  • Evening (7–11 p.m.)

Plan Campaigns Quickly With Social Templates

CoSchedule’s Social Templates are reusable lists of social messages that can be used among similar projects. Creating a Social Template filled with social messages will save time while maintaining effectiveness. You can tweak your Social Template to perfection.

Save your social messaging schedule as resuable social templates

Compared to Hootsuite, you’ll have the ability to create and save an entire social campaign and reuse it. Save time and create an efficient and effective social media campaign with CoSchedule’s Social Templates.

Schedule Messages Automatically With Social Automation

Social Automation lets you sit back, relax and let CoSchedule do the work for you. Social Automation will fill the gaps in your posting by automatically sending out messages through your social media profiles.

If you create a bank of social messages, CoSchedule’s optional Social Automation feature will send them out automatically. Instead of having to go back and share your older content manually, it’ll be done for you. That leaves you more time to do more things.

In addition to the huge time savings, you’ll have older messages shared to increase traffic and ROI. It makes sharing older content effortless while increasing your reach with less work.

Schedule Social Media And Blog Posts Together

CoSchedule isn’t just a great social media scheduling tool. It’s a complete blog publishing and content marketing platform that brings social and content together.

Within the calendar view, you can plan, create, and publish blog posts. While both Hootsuite and CoSchedule integrate with WordPress, only CoSchedule allows you to create blog posts and associated social media messages all in one place.

You can easily schedule social campaigns to promote blog posts in the CoSchedule web app or directly in your WordPress editor (using the additional CoSchedule WordPress plugin). If you change the URL of your blog post, CoSchedule also automatically updates the URL in all associated social messages too. That means no accidental broken links.

WordPress users can also publish straight to their blogs from inside CoSchedule, too. You can even write blog posts directly in Google Docs or Evernote and convert them into WordPress blog posts directly within CoSchedule. How easy is that?

Only CoSchedule allows blog post and social media creation in one dashboard.

Test Messaging With The Headline Analyzer

One of the most challenging parts about writing blog posts is creating an effective headline that will drive clicks as you share your content on social media.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer tool takes away the headache and helps you write effective and appealing headlines. It’s built right into the dashboard for added convenience.

These headlines can then be used as simple social media messages to promote your blog posts.

Project Management

Keep Projects On Track With Task Templates

Checklists are essential for project planning. Task Templates help with project management and approval processes for every social media task. With these reusable checklists, you can create easily repeatable workflows, collaborate efficiently, and consistently meet deadlines.

Easily break large projects down into smaller tasks.

Task Templates a quick and accurate view at the health of the project. CoSchedule uses a percentage metric to display the completion of the project. This quick view will give you an idea of how much effort should be put into the project relative to the publish date.

You can also view who is in charge of completing each task and when each task is due. This feature helps ensure every project meets its deadline.

Hootsuite has an Assignments page where you can create assignments for team members but the process of assigning tasks can get complicated. Hootsuite’s assignments function doesn’t centralize the tasks given to each team member, instead each team member has their own assignments page. Though this may be individually effective, it may be less effective for team collaboration.

Communicate And Collaborate With Built-In Commenting

One of CoSchedule’s core functions is team collaboration. CoSchedule’s comment-based communication system allows for consistent communication among all team members. Each time there is a comment posted in a project dashboard, every team member will get an email notification.

You can also attach files to the comments to share with each member of the team. All members will be able to view and retrieve the uploaded documents, this eliminates the need to email and manually transfer documents.

Use comments to communicate and collaborate with the entire project team.

In comparison, Hootsuite’s notification system isn’t contained within a dashboard. Instead, comments and communication are sent along with the assignments sent to specific team members. If only certain team members see the notes, it may lead to a loss of productivity.


See All Your Projects With One Calendar View

All your projects can be viewed within an aesthetically well-designed calendar UI. Creating a project is as simple as clicking a date and deciding what kind of content you’d like to create.

Screenshot of CoSchedule's easy to use calendar interface

Everyone on your team will have the ability to view each of the projects, and you can even select certain team members specifically as “Followers” of specific projects.

Line Up Social Messages With Social Queues

No matter what kind of content you’re creating you can add a queue of social messages to it with CoSchedule. Using features like Social Helpers within the Social Queue you can easily create a campaign around your projects.

The social messages you create within the queue will publish automatically. You can get a quick view at the strength of your Social Queue with CoSchedule’s Gas Gauge.

Schedule your social messages in the social queue

Social Queues from CoSchedule will help you create and organize your social messages for every project.

Move Projects With A Simple Drag-And-Drop Interface

Oftentimes, marketers will use a spreadsheet as an editorial calendar. However, to make changes in a spreadsheet can take time, and because they aren’t built for publishing needs, they come with their limitations.

Thankfully, CoSchedule’s drag-and-drop feature within the calendar can save you the frustration of using a spreadsheet and risking the loss of your content. Within the calendar, you can drag a project from one day to another and everything within that project will be brought along with it.

Move projects using CoSchedule's drag and drop interface

When you move the project, the social campaign included will move along with it.

Integrate Your Content Calendar With All The Most Popular Social Networks

CoSchedule integrates directly with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google+. Posts for other networks (such as Instagram) can be planned and placed on the calendar, but cannot be published directly through the app.

Integrating with each of these social profiles while using CoSchedule’s Best Time Scheduling and Social Automation features ensures your messages are consistently sent out when and where they’ll reach your audience.

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