WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin

Finally! A Social Media WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin That Works

The social media WordPress editorial calendar plugin that brings all of your content marketing and social media management in one place.

What if there was a social media WordPress editorial calendar plugin that did it all?

Or at least, a plugin that made all of your content marketing publishing efforts easy. Blogging and social media go together – one needs the other – but it doesn’t mean they get along very well. In fact, sharing your content on both your blog and your social accounts is a tedious and manual chore that often ends in frustration, a dwindling social media presence (too much work to keep up), or an "oops" moment when something was published on social media before it went live on your blog.

Here’s what you want. Admit it.

  • You want to directly connect your blog content to your social media publishing.
  • You want to connect to the major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • You want to plan, write, schedule and publish those messages all at once, from one place.
  • You want it to be easy to plan and move content around, and have everything automatically adjust to those changes. No more manual stuff.
  • You want to quit losing track of your draft posts in an unfriendly WordPress list interface.
  • You want communication with your team that doesn’t involve email or Word documents.
  • You want to be able to make major content decisions off of an at-a-glance calendar, not an eye-straining spreadsheet.
  • You want a plugin that won't bomb your WordPress install, and you want a responsive support team should you need any help.

That's quite a list, and up until now, that was all an impossibility.

Traditionally, content marketing that included a healthy and robust social media marketing plan has always required several apps, services, and systems. So let’s talk about how CoSchedule is going to change everything for you, in a very good way. It’s going to save you time, energy, and effort – no lie.

Our idea was simple, and it was meant to help us with the problem we were struggling with: shouldn’t there be just one place to manage all of the content we created? And shouldn’t it be a calendar so we had an idea of what we were publishing and when?

So that’s what we built with CoSchedule, a social media WordPress editorial calendar. It connects your WordPress blog and your social accounts to a beautiful drag-and-drop calendar. On that calendar, you can:

  • Create social messages for all of the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr).
  • Connect social messages to specific blog posts to go live when they do.
  • Plan and assign blog posts.
  • Have team conversations associated with specific pieces of planned content.
  • Limit or enable team member access to content, depending on permissions you choose.
  • Move content around with drag-and-drop ease, and have any associated social content move with it.
  • Use extensive filters to change what you see on your calendar.
  • Access draft blog posts and drag them onto your calendar.
  • Use a personalized dashboard that lets you track conversations or tasks you’re involved in.

The problem with blogging and social media publishing is that there are too many different places you need to go to publish your content. A single piece of content can easily suck up an hour just to get it on each network. If you make a change in publishing time for a blog post? You have to go back and adjust all of the pre-scheduled social messages by hand.

CoSchedule has changed all of that.

That WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin You've Been Looking For

Think of it.

The next time you write a blog post, you can create all of the social messages you want, to any of the social networks you choose, right there beside the blog post. You can make all of your social publishing decisions and all of your repeated messages for far into the future at the same time and place you are creating the blog post. And, if you change your mind on when you'll publish the blog post and decide to move it to a later date, you don't have to repeat any of the work you did on the social messages. They automatically adjust – all of them! – with your post.


One place, all of your content, all of your networks, easily managed. Team communication tools, too. CoSchedule brings simplicity and organization where there was chaos and confusion.