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Learn how to integrate AI into your marketing toolkit.

Enhance your marketing with AI: Learn the essentials, choose the right tools, write effective prompts & create content like a pro.

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  • beginner


  • marketing strategy

Time to Complete

  • 4-5 hours

Video Tutorials

  • 9 Lessons

Premium Downloads

  • 10 Resources

Learn How To:

Integrate AI Into Your Marketing Process

Integrate AI Into Your Marketing Process

Understand the foundational concepts of AI and how to select tools that best fit your marketing strategy, enabling you to integrate AI seamlessly into your marketing operations for better performance and efficiency.

Master AI Prompt Writing

Master AI Prompt Writing

Gain the expertise to craft compelling AI prompts that generate high-quality content in order to drive engagement and provide value to your audience.

Employ Ethical AI Practices

Employ Ethical AI Practices

Learn the importance of ethics and privacy in AI marketing to build trust with your audience. Ensure your AI implementations uphold industry standards and reinforce your brand's commitment to responsible marketing practices.

Wondering, “Is the Intro to AI course right for me?” 

It’s perfect if: 

✓ You’re new to integrating AI in your marketing efforts. 

✓ You’re seeking fresh, AI-driven strategies to enhance your marketing campaigns.

✓ You’re not seeing the results you want with your current marketing tools.

✓ You feel your marketing efforts could be more data-driven and efficient.

✓ You’re looking for more cohesion and smarter automation in your marketing activities.

✓ You aim to elevate your marketing tactics with the power of AI.

✓ You sense a gap in your knowledge about AI’s potential in marketing.

✓ You’re eager to enhance your brand’s reputation with cutting-edge AI strategies.

✓ You’re committed to building trust with your audience through innovative and ethical AI use.

Person learning through the Actionable Marketing Institute

Meet Your Instructor

Megan is a Product Marketing Strategist at CoSchedule, where she focuses on creating action-oriented, results-driven marketing. She’s passionate about building connections through engaging content. 

Before joining the CoSchedule team, she spent 5 years in the event planning industry, where she planned and executed high-quality events for both corporations and nonprofits.

She’s driven by team collaboration & taking a creative approach to solving problems.

Person learning through the Actionable Marketing Institute

What will you learn in this Intro To AI For Marketers course?


Learn The Basics Of AI For Marketers

Learn what AI is and the integration of AI into the marketing industry.

4 mins


How Marketers Are Using AI

Get insights into how marketers are using AI, as well as some benefits and disadvantages of implementing AI into your marketing.

6 mins


How To Choose The Best AI Marketing Tool

Identify and utilize the right AI tools to enhance marketing strategies.

5 mins


Examples Of Popular AI Marketing Tools

Go over examples of AI marketing tools and how you can utilize them to reach your marketing goals.

4 mins


AI Prompt Writing For Marketers

Understand the mechanics of AI prompt writing and steps to craft clear and concise AI prompts.

4 mins


Put Prompt Writing Into Practice

See prompt writing in action. Develop the skills to write effective AI prompts that result in high-quality, relevant content.

7 mins


Create AI-Generated Content for Ideation, Planning & Research

Go over idea generation, content planning, and content research to equip you with the skills needed to create compelling and engaging content.

5 mins


Creating, Editing & Repurposing Content Using AI

Apply your knowledge by creating, editing, and repurposing content through AI-driven methods.

5 mins


Ethics and Privacy in AI Marketing

Grasp the ethical considerations and privacy concerns of AI in marketing & learn how to build trust with your audience.

4 mins


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“The courses are short enough that they don’t feel like a huge commitment to start. They focus on the information I actually need to put strategies into practice. I really appreciate the ‘no-fluff’ approach!"

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