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Learn How To:

Create A Marketing Strategy That Support Business Goals

Create A Marketing Strategy That Support Business Goals

Your business goals should be the driving force behind your entire marketing strategy. Learn to set these goals then track your progress using Google Analytics.

Execute Tried & True Marketing Methodology

Execute Tried & True Marketing Methodology

Create content based on industry-tested best practices. Then confidently publish your new content at the best times for optimal engagement.

Build A Marketing Calendar To Stay On Track

Build A Marketing Calendar To Stay On Track

Keep work moving forward by building out 6 months of content in an actionable marketing calendar. “One thing is certain: if you don’t keep a content calendar the content doesn’t get done.” - Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Take The Guesswork & Stress Out Of Marketing 

As a marketer, you’re faced with tons of responsibilities. You have endless ideas, goals, stakeholders, tools, and channels to manage.

Without a clearly defined strategy to anchor your work, your marketing “strategy” becomes an afterthought. Instead, you spend your days tackling incoming project requests, scrambling to brainstorm new content ideas, & playing catch-up on tedious maintenance tasks including emails, social media, and project planning.

CoSchedule’s Marketing Strategy Certification gives you a proven roadmap to follow. So you can stay focused on the KPIs & metrics that actually matter, like leads and sales. 

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Earn A Certification That’s Not Just For Show

Actionable Marketing Institute’s Marketing Strategy Certification course is designed to help you apply what you learn – starting with the first lesson. 

After you complete this course, you’ll understand the what, why, and hows that go into creating your marketing strategy. 

Confidently set goals & prioritize projects. Outline processes to keep your projects moving forward. Validate content ideas using keyword research. Understand the best times to post, publish, and send content to your audience. Build and maintain a content calendar – and so much more! 

Person learning through the Actionable Marketing Institute

What will you learn in this Marketing Strategy course?


Define Your Marketing Goals

In this lesson, you'll learn how to identify & set goals you can measure in terms of real ROI.

10 mins


Prioritize Your Marketing Projects

Plan & prioritize your ideas, content, & tasks grounded by the goals you set in chapter 1.

5 mins


Plan Your Projects And Process

Develop a planning process that helps you find gaps in your current marketing to produce bigger results while working more efficiently.

15 mins


Workshop: How To Set Up Your Marketing Strategy Foundation For 10x Success

Hands-on video tutorial to help you define your goals, identify key performance indicators for these goals, and learn how to track them using Google Analytics.

40 mins


Develop A Content Brainstorming Process

Learn a free-writing exercise to generate tons of ideas fast. Then identify the ideas that will yield the best results using a 3-point scoring system.

15 mins


Validate Ideas With Keyword Research

Learn how to do keyword research to understand & confirm which new ideas will resonate most with your audience.

15 mins


What Are The Best Times To Send Marketing Emails?

Discover the best send times & days for sending marketing emails rooted in research from the industry's leaders in email marketing. Then discover your own best times to send emails using Google Analytics.

15 mins


When Is The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post

Review four studies that analyze the best time to publish blog posts for specific results. Then discover how to uncover your best time to publish based on user data in Google Analytics.

15 mins


What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media?

Review the best times to post on specific social media channels according to 25 different studies.

15 mins


Workshop: How To Organize Your Marketing Projects For 10x Effectiveness + Efficiency

Hands-on video tutorial that walks you through content planning, prioritization, promotion planning, and your sprint backlog.

35 mins


What You Need To Start A Content Calendar

Get the ins & outs on what a content calendar is and why you need one for your marketing strategy to truly be successful.

10 mins


The Step-by-Step Guide To Managing A Content Calendar

To successfully implement a content calendar, discuss different considerations that may impact your setup. Then review tips for managing your content calendar like a pro.

10 mins


How To Plan & Build Your Content Calendar

Learn how to build out a marketing calendar to keep your marketing strategy moving forward.

15 mins


Optimize Your Calendar By Measuring Your Results

Unlock recommendations & best practices to improve your results using data. Then learn how to adjust your upcoming projects & content based on your findings.

10 mins


Workshop: How To Plan Your Content With a Marketing Calendar

Hands-on video tutorial that breaks down the process of creating & using your marketing calendar, so you can keep your marketing strategy on track & crush your goals.

35 mins


Learn How To Create A Successful Marketing Strategy From Ideas To Measurement (And Everything In Between)

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