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Public Relations Certification: Your Complete Guide To Master PR Tactics & Strategies

Create public relations campaigns to promote your brand, gain new customers, & grow your business.

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From persuasive pitches to press releases, you’ll learn how to take your PR strategy to the next level with exclusive video tutorials, tools, & templates.
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  • intermediate


  • marketing strategy
  • project management

Time to Complete

  • 4-5 Hours

Video Tutorials

  • 12 Lessons

Premium Downloads

  • 12 Resources


Learn How To:

Promote Your Brand To New Audiences

Promote Your Brand To New Audiences

Wish you could reach more prospective customers? Expand your reach & connect with new audiences using PR tactics proven to increase brand awareness locally, regionally, & beyond.

Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Your public reputation directly impacts your success. Take control of your brand story. Build trust & credibility in the public eye by effectively positioning and sharing your business with the world.

Create Growth-Focused Partnerships

Create Growth-Focused Partnerships

It's not always what you know, but who you know. Learn how to develop beneficial relationships with strategic partners in your community and industry to help your company flourish.

Wondering “is this Public Relations Strategy Certification right for me?” 

It’s perfect if: 

✓ You are new to the public relations profession 

✓ You are feeling uninspired in your public relations activities

✓ Your current strategy is not driving desired results

✓ It feels like you Public Relations efforts are a waste of time

✓ There is a lack of uniformity and organization in your current public relations efforts

✓ You are searching for a way to level up your public relations events/efforts

✓ You feel like something is missing within your public relations strategy 

✓ You want/need to upgrade your brand or business’s public reputation

✓ You want to improve brand credibility and gain trust of the public

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Launch A Successful Public Relations Campaign To Reach The Masses

Mastering PR skills has never been easier. AMI’s Public Relations Strategy Certification gives you the steps to confidently create & launch a successful public relations campaign from start to finish.


Manage crisis communication like a pro. Get free exposure through media coverage. Find & connect with journalists most likely to write about your business. And so much more! 


Bonus: Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll earn a Public Relations Strategy Certification to add to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and online portfolio credentials!

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Meet Your Instructor

Megan is a Product Marketing Specialist at CoSchedule, where she focuses on creating action-oriented, results-driven marketing. She’s passionate about building connections through engaging content. 


Before joining the CoSchedule team, she spent 5 years in the event planning industry, where she planned and executed high-quality events for both corporations and nonprofits.


She’s driven by team collaboration & taking a creative approach to solving problems.

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What will you learn in this Public Relations Strategy Certification course?


Why PR? How PR Impacts Your Business

Learn the basics of public relations including best practices and tactics for creating a data-driven Public Relations Strategy.

10 mins


Get Inspired: Successful PR Campaign Examples

Feeling stuck? Review popular, successful PR campaigns & tactics to inspire you to create unique campaigns destined to drive results.

10 mins


Choose The Right Outlets & Partnerships For You

Prioritize the best partnerships & distribution channels for your PR efforts, including Corporate Sponsorships, Media Relations, Influencer Marketing, & more.

10 mins


Develop A Comprehensive PR Plan

Create a strategic, goal-oriented PR plan from start to finish in 7 proven steps.

10 mins


Draft A Successful Pitch

Nail the most important piece of a public relations campaign -- the pitch. Draft a successful pitch that will hook partners & audiences alike.

10 mins


Write A Press Release

Get a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect press release.

10 mins


Host A Press Conference

Why host a press conference? How do I host a press conference? Get all your press conference questions answered.

10 mins


Write An Effective Case Study

Create powerful case studies to establish your brand as a topical authority & build trust with prospective customers.

10 mins


Social Listening: Keep A Pulse On Your Brand

What are people saying about your company? Utilize social listening to monitor brand awareness, media coverage, and engagement.

10 mins


Drafting Official Statements: Best Practices & Tips

Have an issue that could upset customers? Draft official statements to reassure your stakeholders, inform your customers, & control the narrative in the media during a crisis.

10 mins


Build Out A Strategic PR Plan That Generates Buzz & Brand Awareness For Your Company, Product, Or Event

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“For the past 2 years, I have been on the search for online marketing courses I can understand & learn from. I finally found it - Actionable Marketing Institute! I feel confident in what I’ve learned, and I’m excited to complete more courses!”

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Anasary Equihua, Social Media & Content Marketing Professional


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