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Develop A Social Strategy That Grows Your Traffic, Leads, & Community

Take Actionable Marketing Institute’s Social Media Strategy Certification course to launch a social strategy that directly influences your business goals.

Become A Certified Social Strategist
From ideas to measurement, you’ll access exclusive tools, templates, & video tutorials to increase your social media ROI.
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  • social media marketing

Time to Complete

  • 10-15 Hours

Video Tutorials

  • 11 Lessons

Premium Downloads

  • 7 Resources


Learn How To:

Manage ALL Your Profiles In Less Time

Manage ALL Your Profiles In Less Time

You create content, reply to comments/DMs, measure performance, & so much more! Save time managing it all with premium templates - including a social media calendar that helps you pre-plan months in advance!

Create High Quality Content Algorithms Love

Create High Quality Content Algorithms Love

As social feeds get more competitive, organic reach is on the decline. Improve organic reach for each of your social profiles using best practices, optimal publish times, and more.

Let Data Drive Your Social Strategy

Let Data Drive Your Social Strategy

A successful social strategy has a healthy ROI. Use analytics to determine what’s working (or not working), so you can adjust your strategy and/or content to be more effective.

Wondering, "Is this Social Media Certification right for me?" 

It’s perfect if: 

✓ Social media is one of your primary responsibilities 

✓ Your current social strategy is not driving the desired results

✓ You aren’t getting “perfect” leads from social media

✓ You feel lost or uninspired in your social media marketing

✓ You don’t feel like you are using social media to the best of your ability

✓ You are looking for a way to step up your social media use

✓ Your organic reach is consistently declining month over month

✓ There is a lack of organization and uniformity in your current social media use

✓ You currently spend hours of your day on social media management 

✓ It feels like your social media efforts are a waste of time, resources, and/or money

Person learning through the Actionable Marketing Institute

Earn A Certification To Level Up Your Skills (And Boost Your Resume)

AMI’s Social Media Strategy Certification gives you everything you need to be successful with social media marketing. You’ll work your way through the certification – one lesson at a time – to create a results-driven social strategy without missing a step. Each lesson includes actionable tutorials, templates, infographics, & other tools to help you execute what you learn from Day 1!  

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll earn a Social Media Strategy Certification to add to your resume, LinkedIn profile, or online portfolio credentials!  

Person learning through the Actionable Marketing Institute

What will you learn in this Social Media Strategy Certification course?


Prioritize Which Social Networks You Should Use For Your Business

Stop wasting time on social media that doesn’t yield results. Define your target audience, set goals, & determine which social networks are right for your business’s social strategy.

30 mins


Document A Game Plan For Your Social Strategy

Build a cross-platform social strategy using your content strategy template. This documented strategy will help you stay focused on reaching your goals.

30 mins


Stay Inspired: Keep Your Social Media Messages Creative & Unique.

Creative ideas stand out on social media, but finding inspiration for these ideas can be a struggle. Learn how to develop a long list of fresh campaign ideas that will get you noticed.

30 mins


Plan & Execute Your Social Media Campaigns

You have the ideas. Now it’s time to execute! Utilize free templates to lay out an effective documented campaign strategy that helps you take a campaign from idea to reality.

30 mins


Learn Social Media Copywriting Best Practices

Capture your audience by writing messages that stand out on each platform. Learn best practices for copy length, emojis, hashtags, voice, tone, and more!

30 mins


Use Social Media Images To Stop The Scrollers

The images you choose to share on social media have a direct impact on engagement. Get best practices for optimizing images for each network. Then produce images your audience will love.

30 mins


Double Down On Social Media Video

Not using video on social media? Learn the best practices for using and creating videos specific to each platform.

30 mins


Schedule Your Messages At The Best Times For Engagement

Timing matters. Learn the best times to publish messages on social media, so you can get more traffic, more engagement, & more followers.

30 mins


Nail Down Your Perfect Posting Schedule

Stop wondering if you’re posting too much or not enough. Discover the perfect formula for scheduling the right number of messages across each social network to get the big results you desire.

30 mins


Measure & Prove The Results Of Your Social Strategy Using Social Analytics

Learn how to connect your social metrics to your business goals. Use Google Analytics & native social reports to gather data to improve your strategy.

30 mins


Maintain & Organize Your Social Strategy With a Social Media Calendar

Use a social media calendar (includes templates) to improve organization, accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness of your social media strategy.

30 mins


Get a step-by-step roadmap (including video tutorials & templates) to level up your social media strategy.

Generate 10x Better Results From Social

"It was wonderful. I was blown away by the detail. Truly shocked. I went into it thinking it was going to be fluff and hype and it absolutely was not."

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Rhett Murdaugh, Marketing Professional


Take your social strategy to the next level.

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