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Social Analytics Returns to Marketing Calendar Products

February 2, 2022

Social Analytics has returned to CoSchedule Marketing Calendar Products!  Social analytics reporting can be time-consuming, confusing, and difficult. The Social Analytics tool in Marketing Calendar Products makes reporting seamless and easy. Translate confusing data into an easily understandable report to fuel your social strategy in seconds.   There are a variety of different reports you can use to gain insights on different channels and analytics. 

Social Engagement Report

One of the most powerful reports is the Social Engagement Report. This report allows users to get a high-level overview of your entire social strategy.  Use Social Engagement Reports to:
  • Identify top-performing messages
  • Download and share reports with stakeholders
  • Visualize trends across your social channels
  • Compare how different channels are performing
You can also dive in deeper using filters like social profiles, project types, tags, and color labels. This allows you to build reports that are specific to your initiatives, stakeholders, or clients.  Visit the Social Engagement Report Support Doc to learn more. 

Social Campaign Report

Use the Social Campaign Report to measure the success of specific campaigns and initiatives.  Social Campaign Reports are often used to share the impact of social media in meetings or compare various campaigns to each other.  Visit the Social Campaign Report Support Doc to learn more. 

Social Profile Report

Discover the most effective social channels for your business. Social Media algorithms are always changing, this tool allows you to analyze each profile what times, days, and message types work best for your channels.  Visit the Social Profile Report Support Doc to learn more. 

Social Message Analytics

Social Engagement Analytics will be tracked for messages scheduled to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Users can use this information to make small changes to their promotion schedule for better results.  Visit the Social Message Analytics Support Doc to learn more. Looking for more information about Social Analytics for your CoSchedule Marketing Calendar? View the Social Analytics Power Tip for more information.  *The return of Social Analytics is only applicable to V8 & V9. V7 & earlier has had an outdated version previously. 

Available in: Marketing Calendar, Marketing Suite