CoSchedule 2016: 10 Huge Milestones + A Lot More Yet to Come

A Look Back At 2016: 10 HUGE Milestones + A Lot More Yet To Come

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A Look Back at 2016: 10 Huge Milestones + A Lot More Yet to Come

It’s that time of year to reflect. And here at CoSchedule, there is a lot to reflect on.

In 2016, the Customer Success team:

  1. Hosted 21.2k conversations with CoSchedule users + fans.
  2. Published 68 new help docs.
  3. Responded to most inquiries in 40 minutes or less!

Props to Customer Success!

The Marketing team:

  1. Reached 125k+ active email subscribers.
  2. Gained 1M+ monthly page views.
  3. Generated 3,500 monthly trial signups.

And we couldn’t have done it without an amazing tool to share with marketers like you.

So I thought I’d give our Product team a huge thank you, and share with you some of the huge milestones they’ve built into CoSchedule.

The developers and designers behind the scenes at CoSchedule are some of the most amazing people I’ve had the opportunity to work with. They’ve done a great job of making CoSchedule smarter and more holistic in 2016! Let’s take a look:

A Year In Review 2016

3/8/16 Schedule Pins To Pinterest In The Calendar Where You Organize Everything Else

Pinterest scheduling was your #1 most-requested feature at the beginning of 2016! So it was a ton of fun to include the functionality to schedule Pins to Pinterest alongside your other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr.

Pinning consistently is a key part of success on Pinterest. Now you can Pin more often while saving time as you strategically plan your Pinterest posting schedule.

You can even connect multiple accounts and all the boards for those accounts, too!

Pinterest scheduling makes CoSchedule a great way to consolidate your toolset. ;)


4/12/16 Post To Every Social Network At The Best Time (w/out The Manual Busywork)

Posting to social media at the best times will increase your engagement. And in 2016, we crunched the data (so you don’t have to) and uncovered the best times to post on every social network. Then we built that into CoSchedule for ya!

Best Time Scheduling takes the guesswork out of knowing when to post. It’s a win-win: You automatically post at the best times to increase your engagement and get your time back to focus on doing the work you really love (instead of tedious tasks).

It’s pretty simple. And extremely powerful.

I think about it like this: When you automate the mechanics, you save time you can use better on more important work. That’s the beauty of Best Time Scheduling in CoSchedule.


4/26/16 Schedule Dozens Of Messages In A Few Easy Minutes With Social Templates

After you started using the social queue in CoSchedule, many of you requested a way to save your queue as a reusable template. That was a great idea (so thanks for suggesting it!).

Social Templates was a super fun project to launch in 2016 to help you eliminate the tedious process of manual social media scheduling.

Here are a few great use cases that are perfect for Social Templates:

  • You always share the blog posts you publish. Create a reusable Social Template to consistently share your blog posts on all of your social networks more than once.
  • Do you host a Twitter chat? Social Templates make it easy to focus on writing great questions rather than manually scheduling the Tweets for every chat. Maybe now is the best time to start one!
  • Hosting webinars? Promote your signup pages easily with a specific template for webinars.
  • Do you write guest blog posts? Share that content with your following consistently with a Social Template for your guest posts.

Save tons of time by scheduling social media messages in bulk with Social Templates!


6/21/16 Organize Your Social Campaigns All In 1 Place

You’ve got events, contests, blog posts, landing pages, and a whole lot more to share on social media.

Soooo…. Instead of managing a single social message as a project, isn’t it easier to manage a campaign as a project?

That’s the big idea behind Social Campaigns: The perfect way to organize a group of social media messages into a single project your entire team can collaborate on.

You get a bird’s eye view of everything involved in a campaign, making it easy to review all of the messages quickly. You can even create custom workflows for your campaigns and discuss right in CoSchedule (eliminating endless email CCs, thank goodness).


10/13/16 Organize Your Social Video Projects To Get Even More Engagement

It’s not a secret people love watching video on social media in 2016.

So we wanted to make it easier than ever for you to plan, organize, execute, and schedule video content to your social networks.

Cue: Social Video.

^ See what I did there? ;)

Now you can manage social video projects right in the marketing calendar where you manage everything else. Simply upload your videos and share them to all your social networks.

This works amazingly well with other features like Social Campaigns, Social Templates, and Best Time Scheduling. You’ll organize everything + increase your engagement!


10/20/16 Tag Facebook Pages And Twitter Handles To Boost Engagement

Social Tagging was another HUGE request from you in 2016! So it was a blast to see it come to life in your favorite marketing calendar this year. ;)

Now you can search for Facebook Pages and Twitter handles as you write your social media messages. Forget about jumping to the social networks (or worse—guessing and getting it wrong)!

Just type your @ and the first characters of the social profile. CoSchedule will intelligently search for the tag for you!

Example of Facebook profile tagging in CoSchedule


10/25/16 Prove The ROI Of The Work You Do With Social Analytics

When you heard we were going to build social media analytics into CoSchedule, tons of you told us:

I would use social engagement analytics to decide what content to re-share and decide what to write more of.

That was excellent feedback to help us build the best kinds of social media analytics into your CoSchedule marketing calendar! Now you’ll:

  • Measure the success of every social media message you share. It’s awesome to see which messages get the most comments, shares, and likes so you know what’s working (and what’s not).
  • Never question the results of your hard work! You create tons of value with your social media strategy, and now you can easily prove the ROI of the work you do to your boss/clients (and yourself).
  • Discover trends with your content, specific social media messages, networks, and more. Do it all without the time-suck and stress by monitoring your performance in one place where you manage everything else.

It’s pretty awesome to see and compare your performance across your content, networks, and messages in one convenient place.


11/01/16 All-New Content Creator And User Experience

CoSchedule has always focused on helping you organize your content + social media projects. With the new content creator, you got the chance to organize everything even easier than before.

Now you can hide things you’re not working on (or needing to see) to clean up your digital workspace. And collaboration is even easier than ever before with improved workflows and task management.

Organize every marketing project with Google Docs, Evernote, WordPress, and the all-new built-in editor. And now you can also upload files for any other kind of project, too—like Microsoft word, image files, and more.

11/08/16 Automatically Re-Share Your Social Messages With ReQueue

ReQueue is the most intelligent way to automate your social media. It helps you craft your social media messages once, then automatically fills in the gaps in your posting schedule.

Let’s just say you want to send 15 tweets a day to your Twitter account, but you only have five scheduled for today. ReQueue will find the missing 10 gaps, and re-share 10 tweets (you’ve strategically selected) at the best times for engagement.

Talk about maximizing your time, effort, and content!


This was a super fun project for us because we beta tested the feature, looked for your feedback, and rebuilt it even better based on your expectations. Thanks again for helping us build the product you need to organize all of your social media + content!

With ReQueue, you’ll:

  • Set it and forget it! You’ll craft your messages, add them to ReQueue, and automatically share.
  • Get more mileage out of your social media messages. You put time into creating your social media content, and now you’ll get bigger results from your effort.
  • Automatically reuse your best social media messages. ReQueue takes the guesswork out of knowing how often to post every day by doing it for you with the content you’ve chosen (based on analytics).
  • Easily re-promote your evergreen content. Some content is timeless, and more social shares can help that classic content reach a larger audience.

Now you’ll craft your social media messages once, organize them in a ReQueue group, and CoSchedule will automatically re-share that content at the best times for engagement!

11/30/16 Schedule Instagram Posts (Alongside Everything Else)

Many of you requested a way to schedule your posts to Instagram. Our product designers and developers took your feedback and built the mobile app that makes scheduling to Instagram a breeze.

Thanks! Those gals and guys love building the features you’ve requested. ;)

With Instagram scheduling in CoSchedule, you’ll:

  • Quit forgetting to post on Instagram! Now you’ll get push notifications when it’s time to post.
  • Schedule Instagram messages alongside all of your other social networks. It’s the best way to manage multiple social media accounts in one place.
  • Go from haphazard to strategic. Plan your Instagram posting schedule well in advance to strategize your content and post it at the best times for engagement.
  • Collaborate more efficiently than ever on Instagram projects. Your team will work together better than ever with customizable workflows, discussion, and one version of truth.

When you combine Instagram scheduling with ReQueue and a drag-and-drop editorial calendar, you have the most complete social media publishing tool in the world.


 + A Lot Of Other Enhancements Happened Throughout 2016

The Product team that builds CoSchedule also put a ton of effort into making CoSchedule faster and easier to use. You may have noticed improvements here and there, which is something they do all the time.

In fact, the Product team pushed new code to CoSchedule nearly every business day in 2016. For you, that means a product that never grows stagnant and one that constantly iterates and improves.

I’m sending a big thank you (just one more time!) to the Product team that makes all of this excitement possible. You guys and gals are awesome!

+ A Lot More Is Yet To Come In 2017

Looking back on 2016 has been a lot of fun. But I’m even more excited looking forward to 2017.

Tons of amazing #SocialMedia functionality came to CoSchedule in 2016. And since CoSchedule has always been about organizing content + social better than ever…

In 2017, you can expect…

  • Custom content types to help you plan, organize, and execute even more marketing projects in one place.
  • Speaking of marketing projects… soon you’ll have an even more advanced way to manage multiple pieces of content as marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics will continue to grow with more reports for team management and content publishing.
  • Email marketing to help you execute your campaigns better than ever in the marketing calendar where you manage everything else.
  • Approval workflows to help you execute projects faster w/out time-sucking hangups.

What marketing projects will you organize in 2017?

About the Author

Demand generation enthusiast, content marketing advocate, and team player. I love new ideas, strategy, and efficiency.

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