We’ve been releasing new features like a boss this Spring; all focused on making you a rock star at your content marketing and social strategy.

In this month’s “What’s New In CoSchedule” demo, we give you a brief overview of our newest features to date!

In this demo, you’ll learn how to:

  • (00:29) Take the guesswork out of scheduling your social messages with Best Time Scheduling.
  • (03:17) Easily curate content from anywhere on the web with CoSchedule’s Chrome Extension.
  • (06:29) Eliminate the busywork of social media scheduling with reusable Social Templates.
  • (13:26) Auto-fill your entire Social Template with Social Helpers.
  • (17:36) Gauge the health of your Social Queue with CoSchedule’s New Gas Gauge.

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(00:29) Take The Guesswork Out of Scheduling Social Messages With Best Time Scheduling:

Let CoSchedule pick the most optimal times (based on research and best practices) for your messages to go out for maximum engagement from your audience.

(03:17) Curate Content From Anywhere On The Web With CoSchedule Chrome Extension:

With CoSchedule’s Chrome Extension, you can quickly curate, create, and share content with your followers without ever leaving your browser. Help save time and eliminate copying and pasting URLs and having to switch between browser tabs to schedule content.

(06:29) How To Eliminate The Busywork Of Social Media Scheduling With Reusable Social Templates:

Using CoSchedule’s Social Templates, stop the busy work by easily creating a predefined social sharing plan that you can reuse again and again to schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk. You can even save past successful Social Queues as templates and apply them to a future blog or content post.

(13:26) How To Auto-Fill Your Entire Social Template With Social Helpers:

CoSchedule’s Social Helpers are reusable tags that will be automatically replaced with your specified content when social messages are sent and allow you to reuse content in multiple messages.

(17:36) Gauge The Health Of Your Social Queue With The New Gas Gauge:

Scheduling social media can be slow and tedious. Even more, it can be hard to know if you have the right balance of social messages for your content.

To solve that challenge, we built the Social Queue. And now it’s got an even sleeker design with our new Social Queue Gas Gauge.