How To Find Blog Ideas Your Audience Will Love: #CoChat

CoSchedule #CoChat Twitter Chat On Thursday, March 19, we held our third #CoChat. #CoChat is our weekly Twitter chat that provides participants with new blogging and content marketing ideas to save time, create better content, and grow their audience. Join us for future #CoChat Twitter chats to learn with us!

How To Find Blog Ideas Your Audience Will Love #CoChat @KristaJeanT

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How To Find Blog Ideas Your Audience Will Love

Several months ago, in our Better Blogger Survey, we learned bloggers had trouble planning content, creating really good/consistent content, and meeting their blogging goals. It's hard to improve on these points, unless you have quality blog ideas your audience will love. Think about it. If you're going to improve planning quality content on a consistent basis, you'll need more ideas; but having more ideas is useless if all of your ideas are like winter in North Dakota—horrible and nobody likes them. That's why we decided to ask real bloggers in yesterday's #CoChat how they find blog ideas their audience loves.

How Do You Come Up With Blog Ideas?

Q1: How do you come up with blog ideas? #CoChat  

How Do You Know Which Blog Ideas Your Audience Will Actually Love?

Q2: Once you have several ideas for blog posts, how do you know which ideas your audience will actually love? #CoChat  

How Do You Connect Your Ideas With Your Product Or Service?

Q3: The goal of content marketing is to provide value to end in purchases. How do you connect your ideas w/ your product or service? #CoChat

How Do You Find Unique Angles For Your Blog Ideas?

Q4: With over 2 million posts published every day, every topic has been covered. How do you find unique angles for your blog ideas? #CoChat

How Do You Measure If A Blog Idea Was Successful?

Q5: How do you measure if a blog idea was successful? #CoChat

The Unanswered Question...

While the previous questions brought a lot of insight, we still have one more question: How do you find the balance between SEO and what your audience will enjoy? We know it's important to create posts you know your audience will enjoy, but it's also vital to create content with great SEO. Join us for our next chat Thursday, March 26 3:00 p.m. CT. Add it to your calendar now so you don’t forget! Twitter_Chats_March26_NextWeek_thumb
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