Simplify Your Workspace With CoSchedule's New Content Creator

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Simplify Your Workspace With CoSchedule’s New Content Creator

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It’s here!

Today, we’re launch the first of many improvements to your CoSchedule calendar. We’ve simplifying your content creation interface for WordPress and stand-alone content with a cleaner, more minimalist design. This update is all about making your workspace distraction free, customizable, and focused on what you need and care about.

What’s changing?

With the NEW Content Creator:

  • Your content workspace is getting a lot cleaner!
  • You’ll always stay on top of projects with NEW notification flags
  • You can now create unscheduled tasks and easily organize them via drag-and-drop
  • You can now turn social campaigns ON or OFF (it’s there where you need it + hidden when you dont)
  • Your Headline Analyzer is located in its own tab (and can be turned ON or OFF in settings)
  • Your content editor is NEW and improved!
  • And [Coming Soon] you can customize your “Create New” menu with the projects your team is working on

→ Keep reading to dig deeper into each NEW update ←

Your content workspace is getting a lot cleaner!

Give your team more context with content descriptions. Add a short description to any piece of content, so you and your team can stay focused and on the same page.

Your New Content Project

Get more space and less distraction with a full-screen experience. Stay on task and keep projects moving forward with a focused, clean, full screen interface. Everything has its place, and can be minimized or expanded, making your workspace free of distractions.
Editing options in the Content Creator

Keep all your tasks and comments in the new sidebar for a cleaner, more simplistic space.

You can find all your favorite productivity tools in the NEW sidebar. Easily add tasks, give an update to your team in comments, or assign another person to the project from there.


Never miss a comment and stay on top of your project with NEW notification flags.

With three specific tabs (tasks, comments, and team members) in the new sidebar, we’ve added NEW notification flags for quick “at a glance” updates on each piece of your project.
Notification flags in the Content Creator

The “comments” tabs will now flag you when there are unread comments, tell you how many unread comments you have, as well as truncate all older comments. No more endless scrolling to get to the newest information—yay!
Comments in the Content Creator

Also, your task tab will immediately give you a progress update without having to dig into each task tab, and will be based on the percentage of “checked off” tasks on your project list. So, you’ll be able to quickly gauge if a project is on schedule (and make adjustments as needed).
View progress completion with the Task Tab

Turn social campaigns ON or OFF (it’s there where you need it + hidden when you dont)

Not every project needs a social campaign. With your NEW content redesign, you can now choose to attach a social campaign (or leave it off). Simply click on the “plus” icon (located beneath your content editor) and your NEW and improved social campaign (previously known as the social queue) will automatically appear. Add a URL link, upload a social template, and you’re well on your way to building a stellar social game plan.


Create unscheduled tasks + easily organize them via drag-and-drop.

Adding unscheduled tasks to your project is now a reality. No need to add a date to every task on your list. Just create a task, hit “enter”, and instantly add them to your project. Need to rearrange a few? No worries! With the NEW drag & drop capabilities, simply drag a task from one spot and drop it in its new location; no more deleting, re-dos, or starting over when creating your team’s task list. It’s that easy.

Your Headline Analyzer is located in its own tab (and can be turned ON or OFF in settings).

Sometimes you need the Headline Analyzer, and other times you don’t. That’s why you now have the option to turn it on or off in your settings tab under integrations.
Location of the Headline Analyzer tab
And when you are using it, the Headline Analyzer has its own collapsible tab in your content. Use it when you need it and hide it when you’re working on other stuff.


Your content editor is NEW and improved!

Use CoSchedule’s brand-new redesigned text editor or choose an integration with Google Docs, Evernote, or WordPress. We’ve made major improvements to CoSchedule’s text editor with more editing features, better reliability, and an overall smoother experience.

Screenshot of the Content Editor Interface

And with the new design, adding your project’s file from Google Docs, Evernote, and other formats is way more straight-forward and simplified; making it easy for your team to stay in the loop and on task (with the most updated information).

File upload options in the content creator UX

[Coming Soon] Customize your “Create New” menu with the projects your team is working on!

Build the perfect “Create New” menu for your team. Add as many project types as you’d like: email, blog posts, podcasts—you name it! It’s the perfect menu for what your team is working on!
Different content types you can create in the Content Creator

Simplify Your Workspace with CoSchedule!

Phase one of your NEW calendar redesign is all about keeping things simple and allowing you to customize your content creation interface the way you use it. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.


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