How To Improve Your Blog With Different Content Types: #CoChat

different content types #cochat Blogging is awesome by itself. But once you start complementing your posts with other awesome content like graphics, images, video, and more, it becomes a whole lot more fun for not only you, but your audience, too. Want to know how other bloggers like you rock awesome content with their blogs? You're in luck. This is what real bloggers and marketers do to improve their blogs with lots of different content types. Yep, Marcia, we can help you with that:

How To Improve Your Blog With Different Content Types: #CoChat via @KristaJeanT

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1. What's The Benefit Of Using Different Content Types?

Q1: Why would you use different content types? What’s the benefit? #CoChat

2. What Different Content Types Do You Use?

Q2: What different content types do you use? #CoChat And the gold stars go to...

3. What Content Types Would You Like To Use?

Q3: What content types would you like to use on your blog that you don’t right now? #CoChat

4. What Content Types Work Really Well?

Q4: What content types have you heard work really well? #CoChat

5. What Content Types Do You Love?

Q5: What content types are you attracted to? What helps you learn? #CoChat And a note on what not to do:

6. What Tools Exist To Help You Create Different Content Types?

Q6: What tools are out there to help you create different content types? #CoChat

7. How Do You Plan Different Content Types?

Q7: How do you plan different content types? #CoChat Hm, Sabina, I think your fellow bloggers and marketers can help you out here. Join us for our next chat Thursday, June 11, at 3 p.m. CT, for #CoChat. We’ll discuss how to plan your different content types using your editorial calendar. Add it to your calendar now so you don’t forget! editorial calendar #cochat

How To Improve Your Blog With Different Content Types: #CoChat via @KristaJeanT

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