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Regarding Facebook Image Posts (12/15/14)

You may have noticed that CoSchedule is experiencing issues with Facebook Image posts. I want to take a minute to explain what is going on.

For some reason, CoSchedule is being flagged by an automated system at Facebook that is out of our control. This system is placing an immediate restriction on photos published by our application. The result of this restriction is a temporary hold on sending new image posts to Facebook from CoSchedule. In addition, all previous image posts that have been sent using the application are placed on a temporary hold, meaning that they will not be visible on your Facebook timeline.

I want to be clear about a couple of things right away.

  1. This sucks. For you, and for us. We totally understand and sympathize with any frustration you feel. We’re feeling it too.
  2. It is temporary. Facebook has never permanently removed any of these image posts, and we have no reason to believe that they will make them permanent this time around. This is simply a necessary check and balance that they have in their system.
  3. We take this issue extremely seriously. It has been a top priority at CoSchedule for the past three weeks and will remain one.
  4. We are committed to being completely transparent about this issue and will be sending out regular updates.
  5. We’re on this – 100%. This is currently our only priority.

Last week we issued a message to many of you stating that we believed this issue was related to a feature in our customer referral program. We have since completely removed this feature and believe that we are in total compliance with Facebook Platform Policies.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some lingering issues and we are already attempting to work with Facebook to get them resolved.

During this process, I think it would be helpful to outline what our communication with Facebook actually looks like.

  1. These flags are automatic and out of our control.
  2. There have been past issues with these flags being triggered “in error.”
  3. The only method for communication with Facebook is email, and they are currently taking up to 24 hours to respond.
  4. Facebook’s team is only available during “normal business hours,” meaning that restrictions placed over the weekend are not considered by their team until Monday.
  5. We have repeatedly requested more detailed information about the exact nature of issues from Facebook, but are still waiting for thorough communication.
  6. We are 100% committed to resolving the issue permanently.
  7. We in no way believe the current restrictions to be anything but temporary.

I know that this is frustrating. We are feeling the same way, and I want you to know that we plan to be completely transparent with you about this process as we attempt to work it out with Facebook. At this time, we are reaching out to several experts in the industry so that we can make the best (and most timely) decisions possible.

For now as a temporary fix, CoSchedule is converting all currently scheduled image posts (that are attached to a blog post) to link posts until the issue is resolved. This should keep most of your content publishing to Facebook even during this service interruption.

Thank you for your patience and support of CoSchedule. It is sincerely appreciated and not taken for granted.

~ Garrett Moon and the CoSchedule team

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