How To Get The Most From Your Old Content: #CoChat

Twitter_Chats_March26_Header Creating content takes a lot of time, energy, commitment, drive, and time. Oh and did I say time? In fact, 22% of bloggers can’t find enough time to create content. If people are so stretched for time, why do they write a new post, share it on social media once, and then forget it? The quality of the post didn't go anywhere, neither did the relevance. You could save a lot of time by maximizing the impact of your old content. We wanted to know how real bloggers and content marketers utilized their old content. So, we asked them in yesterday's #CoChat.

How To Get The Most From Your Old Content #CoChat @KristaJeanT

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#CoChat is our weekly Twitter chat that provides participants with new blogging and content marketing ideas to save time, create better content, and grow their audience. Join us for future #CoChat Twitter chats to learn with us!

How Do You Promote Your Old Content?

Q1: Your content is still great even months after you publish it. How do you promote your old content? #CoChat

Should You Share All Of Your Old Content Or Just The Best Stuff?

Q2: You always want to put your best foot forward. Should you share all of your old content or just the best stuff? Why? #CoChat

Is It Worth The Time To Improve Your Old Content After It Publishes?

Q3: You spent time creating awesome content. Is it worth the time to improve your old content after it publishes? Why? #CoChat

How Do You Repurpose Your Old Content Into New Content Formats?

Q4: There are many ways to connect with your audience. How do you repurpose your old content into new content formats? #CoChat

How Do You Improve Your Future Content With That Knowledge?

Q5: You can learn a lot from your old content. How do you improve your future content with that knowledge? #CoChat Join us for our next chat Thursday, April 2nd 3:00 p.m. CT. We're chatting about how to perfect your blog publishing frequency. Add it to your calendar now so you don’t forget! Twitter_Chats_April2_ThisWeek

The quality of your content didn't go anywhere, neither did the relevance. #CoChat

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