15 Ways To Grow Your Blog With Social Media: #CoChat

CoSchedule #CoChat Twitter Chat On Thursday, March 12, we held our second #CoChat. #CoChat is our weekly Twitter chat that provides participants with new blogging and content marketing ideas to save time, create better content, and grow their audience. Join us for future #CoChat Twitter chats to learn with us!

15 Ways To Grow Your #Blog With Social Media #CoChat

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How Social Media Can Help You Grow A Successful Blog

Imagine hosting a party but not sending invites. That's exactly what publishing content is like when you don't share it with your audience. When you don't invite people to read your content, it's like you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Social media invites your audience to read your blog content. And here's what some awesome folks who participated in yesterday's #CoChat had to say about it:

How Do You Promote Your Blog With Social Media?

Q1: It seems like there are thousands of ways to promote content on social media. How do you promote your blog with social media? https://twitter.com/CaitlinCheevers/status/576111851622277120 https://twitter.com/MaelRoth/status/576112299066462209 https://twitter.com/njellering/status/576113576617713664

How Do You Make Shareable Content?

Q2: When you promote your content on social media, you want people to actually share it. How do you make shareable content? https://twitter.com/JohnRMeese/status/576115684662493184 https://twitter.com/orwhateveryoudo/status/576114638888120320 https://twitter.com/CaitlinCheevers/status/576114580075708416

How Do You Find The Social Networks Your Audience Uses?

Q3: It's important to connect with your audience on social media. How do you find the social networks your audience uses? https://twitter.com/njellering/status/576119298810253312 https://twitter.com/MeetEdgar/status/576116952848068608 https://twitter.com/VictimToCharm/status/576117110696329216

What Social Networks Bring The Most Traffic?

Q4: By sharing your content on social media, you want to increase traffic. What social networks bring you the most traffic and why? https://twitter.com/CaitlinCheevers/status/576118684290326528 https://twitter.com/JohnRMeese/status/576119334092816384 https://twitter.com/VictimToCharm/status/576119220125114368

Should You Still Use Facebook For Content Marketing?

Q5: There’s a heated debate on whether Facebook is an effective marketing tool. Should you still use Facebook for Content Marketing? https://twitter.com/garrett_moon/status/576123906769088512 https://twitter.com/CaitlinCheevers/status/576122263478616064 https://twitter.com/JohnRMeese/status/576122493506818048

What Did You Learn From #CoChat?

Thank you to all of the participants for sharing their insight! We want to connect participants with bloggers, content marketers, and other awesome people who just want to get better at what they do. Basically, we want to help people, including ourselves, become better bloggers!

I'm participating in the next #CoChat to find awesome blog ideas my audience will love! Are you?

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Join us for our next chat Thursday, March 12 3:00 p.m. CT. Add it to your calendar now so you don’t forget! Twitter_Chats_ThisMar19  
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