How To Improve Your Blog (So You’ll Never Be Outdated) #CoChat

1Twitter_Chats_April30_Header With the blogging industry being so fast paced, with new trends popping up left and right, it's easy to become outdated. We figured y'all want to improve your blog, that's why we asked real bloggers and content marketers how they do it.

How To Improve Your Blog (So You'll Never Be Outdated) #CoChat

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#CoChat is our weekly Twitter chat that provides participants with new blogging and content marketing ideas to save time, create better content, and grow their audience. Join us for future #CoChat Twitter chats to learn with us!

How Do You Keep Learning About Blogging?

Q1: The blogging world is fast paced and things are always changing. How do you keep learning about blogging?

What Have You Learned About Blogging That You’d Like To Do But Aren’t Doing Right Now?

Q2: What have you learned about blogging that you’d like to do but aren’t doing right now?

Sometimes The Hardest Things You’d Like To Do Have The Biggest Impact. How Does That Play Into Your Priorities For Improvement?

Q3: Sometimes the hardest things you’d like to do have the biggest impact. How does that play into your priorities for improvement?

How Do You Implement New Ideas? Are You Cautious Or Do You Just Jump Right In?

Q4: How do you implement new ideas? Are you cautious or do you just jump right in?

What Are Your Favorite Tools That Help You Improve Your Blog?

Q5: Implementing new ideas may be a challenge. What are your favorite tools that help you improve your blog?

What Is A Blogging Trend You’ve Disagreed With And Why?

Q6: While there are a lot of great ideas out there, not everything is perfect. What is a blogging trend you’ve disagreed with & why?

How To Improve Your Blog (So You'll Never Be Outdated) #CoChat

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Thursday, May 7, at 3 p.m. CT for #CoChat. We’ll discuss how to start a blog that will be successful. Add it to your calendar now so you don’t forget! Twitter_Chats_May7_NextWeek_thumb
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