How To Plan Your Blog Posts: #CoChat

Twitter_Chats_June4_Header One of the most pivotal points of creating a blog post is the planning process. If done properly, it can help you save a ton of time when writing the post. If done poorly, it can make creating a blog post a nightmare. We wanted to know how to plan blog posts so we could write posts even faster. What better way to find out than to ask the real bloggers and content marketers that participate in #CoChat?

How To Plan Your Blog Posts #CoChat via @KristaJeanT

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How Do You Plan Blog Posts?

Q1: Some say planning a blog post is just as important as writing it. How do you (or someone you know) plan blog posts? #CoChat

What Are Some Of The Hurdles You’ve Faced When Planning Your Posts?

Q1(b): Planning a blog post is much easier said than done. What are some of the hurdles you’ve faced when planning your posts?

How Far Ahead Do You Plan Your Posts? 

Q2: How far ahead do you plan your posts? Good point, Eric. Let's see how other folks could help you out.

How Do You Make Sure Your Blog Post Ideas Are Worth It? 

Q3: You spend lots of time creating content. How do you make sure your blog post ideas are worth it?

What’s Your Take On Blog Post Outlines? 

Q4: Outlines help you stick to your plan. What’s your take on blog post outlines? How do you plan?

How Do You Research Or Prove Your Points? 

Q5: Now you need to fill in the gaps in your outlines. How do you research or prove your points?

What Do You Wish You Knew When You Started Planning Blog Posts? 

Q6: What do you wish you knew when you started planning blog posts? What questions do you still have? Great chat, everyone! And by the way, if you're awesome and participate in #CoChat, check this out: Join us for our next chat Thursday, June 11, at 3 p.m. CT, for #CoChat. We’ll discuss how to use different content types to improve your blog. Add it to your calendar now so you don’t forget! Twitter_Chats_June11-1
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