Social media promotion is crucial for any event or idea. And with so many people involved, emails threads, and social messages all over the calendar, keeping track of everything is no easy task.

With the new Social Campaigns feature in CoSchedule, you can keep all your campaign assets organized in one place.

Schedule, create, and edit your social messages in one Social Campaign and use built-in approval-based workflows to collaborate with your team and easily stay on track.

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Manage Any Event Or Idea With Social Campaigns

Schedule everything in one place: Have the ability to create and edit all of your messages inside of your Social Campaign using CoSchedule’s Social Queue feature.

Eliminate the tedious busywork of scheduling social messages one at a time. Apply your Social Templates to schedule social messages for your Social Campaign even quicker.

Simplify the process with approval-based workflows by using team tasks and comments to easily collaborate with your team.


What You’ll Learn In This Demo

(2:37) What are Social Campaigns and why should I use them?

(5:24) Get started on building your first social campaign
(7:18) Manage your campaign using our team tasks / comments feature
(10:47) Use CoSchedule’s Social Helpers feature to help promote your campaign faster.
(13:43) Social Queue
(16:44) Social Templates

(24:49) How to generate strong Social Campaign ideas.
(25:51) Start with strong research to create a resonant social campaign.
(26:38) Brainstorming Campaign Ideas with your research.
(29:45) Use Mind Maps to flesh out all of the details for your brainstorming.
(35:57) Draw out ideas on a whiteboard to help inspire creativity.

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