Kickstart Your Team’s Project Workflows With 9 Features In CoSchedule

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Kickstart Your Team’s Project Workflows With 9 New Features In CoSchedule

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Kickstart Your Team's Project Workflows With 9 New Features In CoSchedule

In a perfect world…

You and your team move from idea → publish seamlessly.

But reality looks more like…

Managing dozens of spreadsheets. Filled with passwords, usernames, content plans, to-dos, and reports….

Daily status meetings to keep everyone in the loop…on the newest versions, attachments, etc

And picking up the pieces when…messages get missed, docs become irrelevant, and content goes LIVE before final approval. 😱

Let’s fix this ^^, shall we?

Kickstart your team’s project workflows with 9 nifty collaboration features from CoSchedule! 

So, you can:

  • Keep everyone on the same page with clear directives. Never wonder “who’s doing what” or “where you are” in a project. With CoSchedule, the entire workflow is in one place – comments, tasks, content – everything!
  • Create the perfect template for your project workflow. Move projects forward with task specific templates. Recycle task templates for future projects and iterates on them as you continue to improve the process!
  • Get approval FASTER! Eliminate the need for constant email reminders, in-person pleading, and messenger notifications! With CoSchedule’s task approvals (built directly into your team’s workflow) the right folks get notified at the right time when a task is ready for review. Keeping your team’s project on track, transparent, and movin’ forward.
  • Collaborate with the right people at the right time. @Mention specific team members and add contributors on marketing projects. Giving your team the power to collaborate and communicate more effectively – without involving (or bugging) others.
  • Never miss (another) crucial detail! Quit worrying that you’ll miss something that needs your attention. The FOMO ends now. Set up your notification settings to stay connected to your projects. And never miss important feedback, an urgent to-do or pending question again.

PLUS get a *sneak peek* into one wicked smart feature coming in the next few months.

Are you ready to get your team more organized than ever?

Now’s the time.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page With Clear Directives.

Before your team can get to work on a project…

It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Otherwise, you + your coworkers will look a lot like this 👇

CoSchedule is equipped with an entire suite of features designed to keep everyone in the loop.  


#1: Tasks

Never wonder “who’s doing what” again.

Assign tasks (with due dates!!!) to your team inside content on your calendar.

Every user inside CoSchedule will have their own unique to-do list on their dashboard.

Which gives everyone on your team full visibility into their project assignments and deadlines. 👍


Sort the tasks on your dashboard by due date, by content, or by project.

So you can manage your personal workflow in a way that works best for you!

#2: Progress Bar

Need a quick status update on a blog post, social campaign or other project?

If you’re using tasks inside CoSchedule, you’ll get a handy progress bar to gauge how much work is done…

And how much is left – with a glance of your calendar.

The progress bar will change from red to green once your project is 100% complete.

So you know, in real-time, if things are on (or off) track.

#3: Discussions

Stop wasting time sorting through email threads and meetings to find the latest updates on a project.

Use discussions inside CoSchedule + ensure your convos stay up-to-date and hyper-relevant to what your team is working on.

^^^ Have a general project related comment or question?

Share it inside of CoSchedule’s discussion panel.

Or is it something more specific to a certain task?

Then our *NEWEST* collaboration feature – Task Discussions –  is just what you need.

#4: Task Discussions

Add comments and questions on individual tasks.

And include context and attachments you (and your team) need to get projects done.

Organizing all of the task details in one place; making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

Create the Perfect Template For Your Project Workflow.

Your marketing team creates A LOT of content.

And you’ve got your processes in place for getting projects done from start to finish.

Which is why you need…

#5: Task Templates

With task templates, you can create + recycle custom to-do lists for every type of project your team works on!

Making it easy to move projects forward, faster.

Build custom templates for your repeatable projects.

CoSchedule Task Templates


Think blog posts, social campaigns, podcasts, email newsletters, etc.

Add tasks (and timelines) for getting things wrapped up + ready in time for the publish date and…


You’ve got a custom project workflow you can apply again and again as you add new content to your calendar.

Cheers for not having to manually enter every task, every time! 🙌

Get Approval FASTER!

Certain projects may require extra review or attention…

But getting approvals can be a struggle. Eliminate the need for constant email reminders, in-person pleading, and messenger notifications.

#6: Task Approvals

Use CoSchedule’s Task Approvals –  built directly into your team’s workflow – to make sure the right folks get notified when a task is ready for review.

Simply assign an approver to your task.

When the task is checked “done,” it gets sent to the approver for feedback.

If the task looks good to go, approve the task. And it will officially be marked as “complete.”

Deny the task, and add your feedback or changes.  

Now the task owner has additional direction he or she needed to get things done to your expectations. 🎉

Collaborate With the Right People at the Right Time.

Your team is made up of designers, writers, editors, project managers and other talented people.

…all working on projects together.

And it’s super important to pull in the right people – when you need them.

#7: @Mentions

With @mentions inside discussions, you can tag coworkers to add them to an existing conversation.

CoSchedule will send them a notification.

Pulling them into the project when you need their opinions, feedback and input.

Never Miss (Another) Crucial Detail!

And speaking of notifications…

Quit worrying that you’ll miss an important update + take full control of your notification settings.

#8: Notification Settings – Calendar Level

Never miss important feedback, an urgent to-do or pending question related to a project ever again.

Want to stay connected to every detail and project you’re a part of?

Update your settings to “Loud” inside CoSchedule, and you’ll receive notifications for every discussion comment that gets posted on your content.

Want to quiet the notifications? Set your preferences to “Quiet” and only receive notifications if you’re @mentioned inside of discussions.

Once you update your settings, your preferences are set as defaults across your entire calendar.

#9: Notification Settings – Content Level

But we know not every project is created equal.

You can control your notifications at the content level, too – overriding your calendar’s default settings.

So you can stay super connected to what’s happening on specific, very important projects.

And now…a sneak peek into ONE very sweet feature coming…

Drum roll please….


(brr -rdrd-rdrd-rdrd)


…Social Approvals


Writers, designers, interns – oh my!

With so many people creating content for your social campaigns…

…a process of checks & balances is imperative…

Cuz, once those posts go live – there’s no turning back.

Which is where Social Approvals come in.

With Social Approvals, you’ll be able to assign an approver; requiring a second person to review campaigns before they are published 🙌

Approvers can add comments, deny, approve, and give feedback on social posts –  right inside CoSchedule (coming to a CoSchedule calendar early 2018)!

With all of these features, it’s easy to see how your team’s collaboration skills can go from this….

To this.

Give your workflow process an upgrade! Start your 14 day FREE CoSchedule trial now!

Start using CoSchedule today.

About the Author

Whitney is a Product Marketing Strategist at CoSchedule. Her specialties include copywriting, product marketing, & customer marketing. In her spare time, she can be found volunteering, coaching figure skating, and spending time with her husband & daughter.

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