3 Amazing CoSchedule Features That Will Keep You Super Organized

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3 Amazing CoSchedule Features That Will Keep You Super Organized 71

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three new coschedule features

If marketers have anything in common it’s that we all need fewer scheduling headaches and more free time. We need to stay organized, and that’s why we built CoSchedule in the first place. It’s also why we keep adding more time-saving features to your favorite editorial calendar.

As we head into a new year of publishing, here are a few of our newest and most popular features that you should already be using to save time while staying organized. They are all new, and exclusively available in our newest set of plans.

Feature #1: Google Chrome Extension

Curate content from around the web and track it on your calendar.

Our brand new Google Chrome Extension is the answer to one of our most requested features of all time. CoSchedule has always made it easy to schedule social media messages that promote your own content, but many marketers are also looking for an easier way to curate content from around the web.

With our new extension, you can quickly add social messages from anywhere on the web to your calendar. You’ll have a perfectly-tuned social media presence in no time.

“Can I tell you, I FREAKING LOVE CoSchedule! Why didn’t I jump on this MONTHS ago? It’s SO awesome being able to just schedule this stuff and know that it’s going out, that I’m promoting, but don’t have to be sitting on the computer (as I most often do) to do it!!!” —Lynne Feifer

Feature #2: Built-In Headline Analyzer

Write the best headlines without ever leaving CoSchedule. 

You know that headlines matter. They matter a lot. A well-optimized headline can get you more shares, retweets, clicks, likes, and loves. More importantly, a great headline can help you get the traffic you deserve for each and every post.

At CoSchedule, we’ve collected data from millions of blog posts to develop the internet’s leading Headline Analyzer Tool, and now that technology is built right into CoSchedule—saving you time, and making your marketing even better.

As you are creating new blog posts and marketing content you can now score your overall headline quality in seconds and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

“Headline Analyzer is awesome! Always more reasons to love CoSchedule.” — Danielle, Blue Kite Marketing

Feature #3: Evernote + Google Docs FTW

Write your content in Evernote (or Google Docs) and convert it into WordPress with a single click. 

The world of a marketer includes many tools—including a few that are specifically geared at content creation. We asked our customers what their most important editing tools were and both Google Docs and Evernote immediately jumped to the top of the list. During the past year, we’ve integrated with both.

Now, CoSchedule allows you to connect your Evernote Notes or Google Docs directly to CoSchedule. To sweeten the deal, we’ve even built a way to convert those Notes (or docs) into real live WordPress blog posts. Simply click convert, and we’ll import all your formatting, text, and images directly into WordPress without skipping a beat.

It’s the perfect integration to leverage some of your favorite tools, while saving tons of time in the process.

CoSchedule keeps getting better, and there is oh so much more to come. 2016 will focus on saving you even more time, making you even more organized, and making your marketing even more successful.

About the Author

CoSchedule Co-Founder, blogger, designer, content hacker and serial starter. Also, a firm believer in the do what you love, love what you do philosophy.

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