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Sure Fire Reasons Your Team Will Love Task Approvals 71

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Sure-Fire Reasons Your Team Will Love Task Approvals

As a Type A marketing professional…

You know EVERYTHING your team produces, publishes, and promotes…

is uber public

…is a direct reflection on both you and your company

…and you know those seemingly minor mishaps, blunders, and faux pas can quickly escalate from oops to Defcon 3 when the proper review is NOT in place.

Of course you’re no newb.

You have a review process locked down.

But let’s be honest…

Is it really without flaws?

…messages get lost in the galaxy of your email inbox.

…projects sit at a standstill because team members don’t know what to do next.

…and team members (or clients) get frustrated because their projects can’t move forward.

Let’s fix that.

New Task Approvals *for Team Pro plans and higher* will help you to:

  • Eliminate the tedious reminders, pleading, and email threads.
  • And empower you and your team to produce top-notch content – on time!

Get Approvals FASTER!

With CoSchedule’s task approvals (built directly into your team’s workflow) the right folks get notified at the right time when a task is ready for review.

Eliminate the need for constant email reminders…

In-person pleading…

And messenger notifications!

Assign a task approver to review, approve, or deny project tasks.

Best of all – notifications are built into CoSchedule! *Whoop whoop!*

…now it’s easier than ever for you (and your team) to keep track of tasks and approvals.

Keep your to-do list (and project status) up-to-date in one place!

Why Type A Marketing Managers Love It…

As your team members complete their work, you’ll get notifications for tasks that need your approval….

…in real-time!

You’ll always know when a blog post is ready to edit or images need your final blessing.


Any tasks that need your approval will appear in a handy list on your dashboard (that you can prioritize however you like 🙌).

Stop playing the tedious, anxiety-driven follow up game.

With task approvals, you’ll know what AND when that piece of content is ready for review.

Why Designers + Writers Love It…

No more guesswork.

No more waiting or wondering!

You’ll know exactly if AND when your work has been approved…

You’ve got plenty of projects on your to-do list.

…and more are getting added to that list of every day.

With task approvals….you can optimize the heck out of that busy workload of yours!

Simply check tasks off, request approval, and keep movin’ forward…

You’ll never have to wonder if (or when) your manager has reviewed the latest version.

Why Agencies Love It …

For agencies…

Time = money.

Quit spending countless hours attempting to follow-up with your clients… calls


…reaching out time and time again for updates…

Make that a pain of the past!

With task approvals, your clients stay connected to your team (and your progress) during every step of their projects.

Eliminate outside convos and consolidate your approval process exclusively through CoSchedule.

Your clients will have their very own list of notifications (and emails) that are sent via CoSchedule them know when your team’s work is ready for approval.

…clients stay up-to-date on your projects.

…and you spend more time creating incredible designs, writing better copy and developing stronger strategies instead of sending emails and making phone calls.

Maintain Control Of ALL Your Content + Brand

Every social campaign…

Every blog post…

Every press release…

Every {insert every marketing campaign ever} is a direct reflection on you (and your team).

With CoSchedule’s built-in task approvals nothing goes live without a second set of eyes.

Why Type A Marketing Managers Love It…

…you’re responsible for your company’s reputation.

Everything your team creates represents your company’s credibility, image and mission.

And your boss depends on you (and your team) to make sure all messages are compliant and on-brand.

Your team creates all sorts of projects for your company…


*Press Releases


*Social Media Campaigns

*Everything In Between

…And as a marketing manager, you need to jump in and give approvals at different stages for each one.

Use workflow templates to build in approvals where your team needs them.

With task approvals, you have full creative control.

Giving you the final approval (and peace of mind) on all projects before they’re made public. 👍

Why Designers + Writers Love It..

…it creates a safety net.

With task approvals, you’ll never wonder IF your content is up to code!

Confidently hit publish…

Knowing your blog post, email campaign, social promotion, etc. has had your team’s seal of approval.

Red = work is still pending approvals.

Green = it’s ready for publish!

It’s that simple ^^

Once all your tasks have been approved…

You can rest assured your content is ready for it’s big debut!

Why Agencies Love It…

…your team needs client approval…

(before anything goes live).

With task approvals, clients have an up-to-date list of projects needing review – right inside CoSchedule.

You AND your clients can see in real-time….

…if tasks are approved – allowing you to keep the conversation inside CoSchedule vs. another infamous email thread.

…if tasks are pending approval – keeping your team & clients accountable AND the status of their project transparent.

…if tasks are denied – allowing you to act fast on revisions vs. playing the waiting game till your next client meeting.

Communicating with clients is easier than ever.

Calling that a win-win! 🎉

It doesn’t matter what your role is…

Bring your entire workflow process (including approvals) into ONE centralized location. No more convoluted email threads, gaps in communication, and pointless delays!

Get approvals fast and maintain control over all of your team’s content with Task Approvals from CoSchedule.

Ready to give CoSchedule a try? Sign up for a 14-day free trial.

About the Author

Whitney is a Product Marketing Strategist at CoSchedule. Her specialties include copywriting, product marketing, & customer marketing. In her spare time, she can be found volunteering, coaching figure skating, and spending time with her husband & daughter.

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