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We’ve Got A Big Job To Do


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The internets are a mess.

You have a WordPress blog, a handful of authors, numerous social accounts, and a bag full of headaches.

Scheduling your blog posts, writing assignments, and social media messages currently requires three or four different tools. Excel spreadsheets are often involved. So are gargantuan email threads, like 30 or 40 emails – no joking.

We want to change all of that.

Our goal is to ease the scheduling frustrations that come with blogging, social media, working in a team, and even email marketing. We believe that scheduling should be easy, intuitive, and even a little bit fun.

Great blogging is about creating and distributing content that helps your readers and builds trust. WordPress is the hallmark tool for this job, yet there are problems. WordPress publishers need four things.

  • Content scheduling and planning of blog posts (editorial calendar)
  • Team management and writing assignments (delegation)
  • Social media distribution sharing new and old content (automation)
  • Client approval/internal review of content before publishing (content editing)

There are tools that have tried this before. They’ve failed. Most of them make content scheduling a complicated science rather than an artform. They make assumptions that don’t work with your team or your workflow. They are hard to manage, and they often create more problems than they solve.

We don’t want content scheduling to get in your way. In fact, we want it to have the opposite effect.

Why Us

To be honest, we’ve had this idea for awhile, but we’ve been slow to take action. Why? With so many blogs and social accounts out there, it seems like these problems should have already been solved. We looked high and low and tried everything, but no luck. It was time to make something for ourselves.

So, here we are. We have a history of solving social media woes, and a great understanding of content marketing. We get it. We have clients who get it. We are the right team for this job.

We are going to change how you get your message out. We are going to make blog and social scheduling easier for you and your team. In the process, we are going to make you a better blogger and social media manager. So…

What’s next

We have a lot more to share in the near future. In the meantime, subscribe to this blogfollow us on Twitter, or sign up to be invited. Cool new things will be available soon! Trust us, we’re right on schedule.

"CoSchedule has allowed us to plan and stay ahead 8-12 weeks. It's the best thing we've done to get ahead of ourselves; especially with so many last minute projects popping up."

Lee Hersh, Founder of Fit Foodie Finds
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