Email Marketing From CoSchedule

Manage Your Email Campaigns

Alongside The Rest Of Your Marketing Roadmap

When you rely on email marketing as your primary channel to drive conversions, profits, and customer relationships… you need a simple AND effective way to manage it.

The Old Way

A myriad of single-function tools… multiple spreadsheets… and hundreds of open tabs.

Old Way

Orchestrating your marketing projects via complex spreadsheets while simultaneously jumping from screen to screen in a pathetic attempt to make your social promo, blog content, and email campaigns look "cohesive + organized" 😫.

The New Way

One, centralized hub to manage your email campaigns alongside the rest of your planned content.

New Way

See how your email campaigns relate to the rest of your planned content, quickly make adjustments, and easily maintain a cohesive + organized marketing strategy with minimum  effort 😎.

Manage Your Email Marketing Strategy

Alongside The Rest Of Your Planned Content With CoSchedule

How It Works

Connect your favorite email marketing tools.

Step 1

Connect your preferred email marketing tool to CoSchedule.

Gain full visibility in all your outgoing email marketing alongside everything else.

Step 2

Auto-magically see your planned (and future) emails appear in CoSchedule.

Manage all your marketing in one, centralized hub.

Step 3

Manage your planned email campaigns alongside the rest of your marketing strategy.

Email Integrations

Integrate With Your Favorite Email Marketing Tools

You already have a kick-a$$ email marketing tool you know and love, so why give it up? With Email Marketing, you can easily connect your MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign, or Constant Contact account to CoSchedule with just a couple clicks.

All your favorite email marketing tools integrate seamlessly with CoSchedule.
Full Visibility

Get full visibility into your ENTIRE marketing strategy (email too).

Say "buh-bye" to disjointed marketing content (and constantly jumping from screen to screen). With Email Marketing, it's easy to see how your email campaigns relate to the rest of your marketing strategy and quickly make adjustments if necessary.

Get full visibility into your entire marketing strategy with your CoSchedule calendar.
Subject Lines

Write click-worthy email subject lines… every time.

With Email Marketing, you can use CoSchedule's *exclusive* Email Subject Line Tester to optimize and perfect every subject line to drive more opens, more clicks, and more conversions. 💸

Optimize your email subject lines with CoSchedule's built in Email Subject Line Tester.