Convert Google Docs to Wordpress with CoSchedule

Convert Google Docs To WordPress (And HTML) With CoSchedule

Eliminate the tedious copy/pasting from Google Docs to WordPress!

Stop the manual, time-suck of copying, pasting, and uploading your images and content into Wordpress! Automatically convert your Google Docs into WordPress with a few easy clicks – complete with formatting and images.

The Old Way

Tons of Repetitive And Tedious Formatting

You write + edit content in Google Docs. You copy + paste your text into WordPress. You upload every image manually into the media library. Then you add those images into your WordPress blog post. What a time-suck!

The Old Way: Multiple Blogging & Social Tools
The New Way

Write, Convert, and Publish with CoSchedule

You write content in your beloved Google Docs. You convert your Google Docs to WordPress blog posts with CoSchedule. Your text + formatting + images transfer with a few easy clicks and zero hassle!

The New Way
How It Works
Google Docs

Write, edit, and format your Google Doc directly in CoSchedule.

Manage Content in CoSchedule

Convert your content to Wordpress from CoSchedule.

Convert Google Docs to Wordpress

Review final Wordpress post and hit publish!

Let's make writing your content in Google Docs and converting it to Wordpress super easy, shall we?