CoSchedule for Higher Education

Mission Control For Marketing Teams

Organize And Execute Marketing Campaigns For Every Department Across Campus

Visualize your school's entire promotional calendar in one place.

Map out your team's campaigns for Welcome Week, Graduation and everything in between. Use marketing projects, custom color labels, tags, and saved calendar views inside CoSchedule to organize and plan your entire strategy in advance.

Full-Scale Marketing Campaigns in ONE Place Full-Scale Marketing Campaigns in ONE Place

Get everything organized in ONE place (and get sh*t done)!

Team Dashboard

No more information silos across tools and departments.

Get rid of disconnected spreadsheets, project management tools, and lengthy email threads. With CoSchedule's collaboration features, you can consolidate all project communication and task management in one place. Keeping your team in the loop and on task.

Get visibility into every department and make sure all your projects are on track with the team dashboard.
Approval Workflows

Take control of your university's entire marketing strategy.

Stop wondering who has access to the music department's Instagram account or why the men's basketball team tweeted that outdated logo again. With CoSchedule, you can manage campaigns for every department and ensure posts meet brand guidelines and voice before they go live.

Take control over your entire strategy and be sure everything going out meets brand guidelines and quality level.
CoSchedule Analytics Suite

Execute campaigns that drive real results.

Like increased enrollment, improved student engagement, and more funds. Your University relies on you to promote the school's mission and vision to parents, students, alumni, donors and beyond. With CoSchedule Analytics reports, you can monitor your campaign performance to determine which campaigns succeed (and which ones you should retire).

Know what's working and what's not with real time analytics on all your marketing campaigns.

Get everything organized in ONE place (and get sh*t done)!

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