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It’s the best of BOTH worlds! Keep all the parts of HubSpot you love while finally getting the marketing calendar you’ve always wanted 😍

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You need a bird's eye view.

You need some semblance of sanity. And while HubSpot is really great at some things, giving you a snapshot of everything on your roadmap isn’t one of them. What you need is an active, living, highly customizable calendar with…

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You can manage AND collaborate in CoSchedule.

Technically HubSpot has "everything in one place" BUT in reality… everything (including discussion threads and collaboration) are siloed in their own tabs. With CoSchedule you can plan AND collaborate all in one spot.

Team Dashboard in CoSchedule

For you process junkies, CoSchedule gives you the power to templatize workflows.

No more manually copy/pasting your tasks into every new project! Templatize those to-do lists, so you can ramp up on projects faster, collaborate with your team, and eliminate *face-palm* mistakes.

Taask Templates in CoSchedule

We streamline your social promotion (so you're not dedicating HOURS of your life to it).

Promote to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all at once. And create templated campaigns that allow you to plug and play 60+ messages in 5 clicks or less. 🙌

Social Campaigns and Templates in CoSchedule

And most importantly…

You'll get your life back, make sh*t happen, and say sayonara to that clunky, less than stellar HubSpot calendar.

"Consistency is key, and CoSchedule made that possible."

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

"I've been able to take on more clients and make more money with CoSchedule."

Brittany Thompson

Brittany Thompson, Virtual Resort Manager

"We literally saved 4 to 6 hours this week alone."

Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell, Bright Planning

"CoSchedule cut my time in half."

Ali Norman

Ali Norman, Borshoff