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How to Setup Direct Publishing to Instagram with Buffer

Below are details about a feature or functionality that is no longer offered in new subscriptions starting after January 13, 2021.

Directly publish single-image Business Instagram posts with the help of Buffer.

The setup is different compared to other social profiles, so please take the time to go through all the steps to make sure the account is connected successfully.

  1. Connect Instagram to Buffer
  2. Connect Instagram Account to CoSchedule
  3. Connect CoSchedule to Buffer
  4. Schedule Buffer Messages to directly publish to Instagram
  5. Convert Social Message to Buffer Message
Note: Direct Publishing to Instagram via Buffer is only available for Instagram business accounts. Only single-image messages will directly publish, Buffer will send a push notification for multi-image posts.

Connect Instagram to Buffer

1. First, Add your Instagram Business Account to Buffer.

To publish directly to Instagram, you will first need a Buffer account that has the Instagram Business account connected to it.

If you run into any errors connecting Instagram to Buffer, Buffer has a well-documented error log to help troubleshoot your connection error.

2. Haven’t added your Instagram profile to CoSchedule? Begin connecting to CoSchedule.

In CoSchedule, go to Settings > Social Profiles. Click on Connect a Social Profile then choose Instagram.

Follow the steps to connecting your Instagram account, to CoSchedule.

When finished, to publish directly to Instagram, you will need to connect CoSchedule to Buffer.

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Connect CoSchedule to Buffer

To begin, go to your Integrations page. Choose Buffer and click Enable. Click Allow access to accept authorization.

If you don’t see a profile that you already have connected with Buffer listed, click Sync to sync your Buffer account with CoSchedule.

Please note that you can only connect one Buffer account to your calendar.

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Schedule Buffer Messages to directly publish to Instagram

To create a new message that will directly publish to your connected Business Instagram account, click the orange Create button in the top right-hand corner or click + on the day you want to schedule your social messages then select Social > Buffer Message.

You can also create multiple messages by choosing Social Campaign. To add social messages to your social campaign, click  and select Buffer Message.

Click Add Buffer Profile and select the Buffer profile(s) from the drop-down menu. You can only select from profiles that are connected to Buffer.

The profiles you select will show in the box. You can remove a profile by clicking on the thumbnail picture.

Attach an image to your message by selecting the Camera icon. Upload a new image or select a previously added image from your calendar’s media library.

Note: Buffer does not allow multiple images to be sent from CoSchedule – if a Buffer message is scheduled with multiple images, Buffer will only publish the first image uploaded.
Note: Buffer does not allow videos to be sent from CoSchedule, so the option to attach a video to your Buffer message will not be available. You can add videos to messages created in Buffer.

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Convert Social Message to Buffer Message

If you’ve created a message and want to switch to a Buffer Message or a Social Message, click the three dots at the bottom of your message. As long as the social profile(s) are connected to Buffer and your message does not include a video, you can convert a Social Message to a Buffer Message.

Please note that if you convert a multi-image Instagram Social Message to a Buffer Message, you’ll receive a push notification from Buffer when it’s time to publish (Buffer does not support direct publishing for multi-image posts).

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