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ReQueue FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Control the Date/Time/Message that ReQueue Chooses?

If your goal is to publish a specific message at a certain time, you may want to choose an alternative  Social Message Scheduling Option. ReQueue is designed to fill in the gaps on your calendar with the messages you’ve placed in the ReQueue Groups based on the settings you choose.

When Will This Particular Message Be Sent By ReQueue?

Given the number of parameters and messages that Intelligent ReQueue has to work with, as well as the other content on your calendar, it can be difficult to predict which message ReQueue will choose and when a particular message will be scheduled or sent by ReQueue.

What If I Don’t Want a Message From One of My Intelligent Groups to Send at the Time CoSchedule Has Scheduled?

You can click on an Intelligently scheduled ReQueue message on your calendar and choose to skip for two weeks. For more manual control over when messages are scheduled, set up a Placeholder Group.

How Can I Prevent a Message From Being Sent by ReQueue for the Next Few Months?

The best way to prevent a ReQueue message from being sent for a certain time frame is to include it in a Group that has a custom start and end dates. It is not possible to do that for an individual message.

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How Come I Can Only See Messages Scheduled This Week and Next?

Since ReQueue dynamically fills in the gaps around the other items you have scheduled on your calendar, it will only show messages for the current week and the next week. That helps you to focus on your plans beyond that and saves effort as things change.

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