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Create Hashtag Banks With Social Templates

With the flexibility of Social Templates, you are able to create multi-day reusable social promotions, but along with being able to create reusable social promotions, you can also create a dedicated Social Template to house all of your hashtags. Below, we will go through the steps on how to create a reusable hashtag bank for your calendar.

Create Reusable Hashtag Bank

To begin, go to any Social Campaign in your calendar. In the Social Campaign, open the Social Templates pane and create a new Social Template. We will name this Social Template “Hashtag Bank.”

1. Click New Helper > Text Helper.

2. Create a name for the group of hashtags then add the hashtags.

3. Create one Social Message inside of the Social Template. Each Social Template has to have one message in it to be saved. I created a text message to Twitter that I will later delete.

4. When finished adding hashtags to your template, click Close.

To add more hashtags to your template at a later time, go into the Social Templates pane and click .

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Applying Hashtag Bank to Campaign

To use the hashtag bank, we will need to work inside of a Social Campaign. In the Social Campaign, navigate to the Social Templates pane and select the hashtag bank template, then click Apply.

Once the hashtag bank is applied, you can now begin to create your social posts inside of the campaign.

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Adding Hashtags to Social Posts

To add the groups of hashtags to a Social Message…

1. Start typing a right-facing curly brace “{” and a dropdown menu will appear.

2. Select the group that you would like for your Social Message. You will immediately see that the Social Helper will be converted to all of your hashtags from the added group.

3. When finished editing the Social Message, click Save.

Note: If your group contains more than 30 hashtags, your text will not publish to Instagram.

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