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Social Helpers

Why Use Social Helpers?

Social helpers are re-usable tags that will be automatically replaced with your specified content when social messages are sent and allow you to reuse content in multiple messages. With Social Helpers, you won’t have to manually add the same text (or images) to each message you create. Reduce the repetition and auto-fill your entire social queue instantly. You can also create custom social helpers to insert into Social Templates.

Default Social Helpers

Each social campaign has default social helpers that will be added to the social campaign when a URL is added. To access the default social helpers, add a URL to your social campaign. For WordPress posts, the URL will automatically be added.

Title: This will be the title of the added URL.

Permalink: This will be whatever URL is added to the Permalink field.

Excerpt: The scraped excerpt of the added URL.

When you create social messages in the social campaign, the {title} and {permalinksocial helpers will be added to the social message.

These social helpers (the text in orange) will display the Title and Permalink of the link that was added. You may remove any of these social helpers and insert your own custom text.

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