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What Is An Ad Generator?

An Ad Headline Generator or Ad generator is an AI-powered tool that produces sought-after, high-quality ad headlines in seconds. Speeding up write-time, all the while, maintaining brand voice or personality.

Basically the newest, fastest, and most accurate ad headline writer on the block.

Why Should I Use An Ad Generator?

The use of an ad generator speeds up efficiency writing effective headlines in seconds. Avoid writer/creativity blocks with a generator to provide insightful, trend-forward headlines.

Not only does an ad generator shave time off creating headlines, it has the power to provide tailor content for each and every platform. Improve effectiveness of your advertising campaigns across all platforms.

With the power of ad headline generator, you can create different types of headlines such as:

  • Search ad headlines: aid search, PPC, search engine marketing, search ads, or text ads
  • Display ad headlines: Banner ads, pop-up ads, or retargeting ads
  • Social media ad headlines: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter

How To Create AI-Generated Ads In Seconds

The process to create an AI-generated ad sure is short and sweet. It takes almost no time at all and you’re left with a generated ad that is tailored to your audience, platform, and style.

It’s as simple as defining your headline, analyzing your options, and finally, optimizing.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Specify Headline Details

Start by feeding AI details about the type of ad copy you’re looking for. Specify things like topic, audience, and tone.

It’s much easier for AI to give you effective results when you specify more than just “SEO” as your topic. Take it a step further and ask for ad copy around the topic, “SEO Optimization”. Tailored to an audience of small business marketers, in a conversational, yet informative tone.

See the difference? AI’s responses improve the more background and guidance you offer.

Step 2: Analyze Options

Once you’ve included your topic, audience, and tone, AI will get back to you with numerous options of potential headline topics. Look through them, determine what phrasing you like over the others, and select the one that stands out to you.

From there, you can analyze the chosen headline. See its overall score as well as its ranking in categories like word and character count, skimmability, headline type and much more.

Step 3: Optimize Headline

Finally, optimize your headline to perfection. Dive into each given category and learn how you can improve the score in each category. Adjustments may vary between re-phrasing your headline as a question, adding more positive wording, or making it more concise.

That’s the whole process! Just specify to AI the details of what you’re looking for, analyze your options, and then optimize that headline!

How To Generate Ad Headlines For Facebook

Ad headlines that convert on Facebook need to be worthy enough to stop the scroll. Users on Facebook tend to digest information fast on Facebook, so your headline has seconds to grab attention.

Consider phrasing your headline as a question. Keeping it clear and concise, a question that pertains to your audience will easily draw them in and pique their interest.

For example, Amazon Kindle has taken a more conversational and friendly approach to their Facebook ad headline. Instead of coming off a bit overpowering with a phrase like, “Try Our Classes Now!”

Kindle decided to simply show their customers why and how their brand helps their audience.


How To Generate Ad Headlines For LinkedIn

To generate a winning ad headline for LinkedIn your headline needs to be concise, formal, and relevant. Headlines under 150 characters see the most engagement. If your headline count reaches above 150 characters it may be truncated on desktop view, losing the ability to connect with anyone active in that view.

Given the professional nature of LinkedIn, viewers are looking for serious, informative messages, opportunities, or insights. Match your headline to the seriousness of LinkedIn and keep your headline formal and informative. To drive your message home, it helps to focus on the value of proposition your headline provides. Be clear as to what your headline cna offer them.

Continue to ask yourself, what does your audience get from clicking your headline?

Salesforce created an incredibly effective ad on LinkedIn by providing a value proposition on each slide. Targeting all needs from their audience.

Furthermore, their use of colors and logo increases brand awareness!


Tune in to how Gong immediately provides value to their readers. This ad catches attention and promotes an effective “cheat-sheet” for sales people. Increase engagement and give the audience what they want, win-win!


How To Generate Ad Headlines For Google

In order to write successful text ads, there are a few things to square away and keep in mind. By showcasing unique characteristics of your brand, including call-to-action features, and  experimenting with different tones and styles, you can get more eyes on your Google ad.

Here are some ways to make your Google ad stand out:

Highlight Your Strengths

Prove to your audience why your brand is competitive and cutting edge. Whether you offer free shipping or provide a large variety compared to your competitors, make sure your audience knows that!

Encourage Action

It’s extremely important to include a CTA (call-to-action) in your email subject lines. Lay out the steps for your audience and guide them to the next step. Including phrases like purchase, call today, get a quote, and sign up are all effective call to action features.

This way, you’ll never have viewers wondering how to get a hold of you or where to learn more.

Experiment With Different Subject Lines

Create 3 or 4 ads for different ad groups to analyze and monitor which one performs the best. Test out different styles, tones, and lengths. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about your audience through their engagement, then you can grow from there.

Google ads automatically rotate ads based on performance, so your best-performing ads are shown more often.

An effective way to stand out in Google ads is to play on your strengths. Zoho clearly states their most popular feature and how it helps their audience. Intrigue your audience and prove to them why they need your product or service.


Another example of a top-performing Google ad is from Thrive Market. By including stats and numbers, it evokes a sense of trust between the audience and your brand. The numbers don’t lie and it’ll probe readers to want to learn more about your business.


22 Quick Tips To Refine Your Ad Headlines & Boost Clicks

There’s always room for improvement within your headlines and there’s plenty of ways to adjust your headlines until they are fully optimized. Here’s some quick tips to keep your ad headlines performing at the top of their game:

  1. Maintain relevance within your message.
  2. Exert a clear and concise tone.
  3. Follow Platform Guidelines.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Create urgency.
  6. Highlight the benefits.
  7. Use actionable language.
  8. Include numerical data.
  9. Consider emotional triggers.
  10. Continue to test and optimize.
  11. Be consistent with ad copy.
  12. Create curiosity gaps.
  13. Use keywords.
  14. Tailor to your audience.
  15. Optimize for clarity on mobile devices.
  16. Incorporate storytelling elements to engage users.
  17. Test different color contrasts for better visibility.
  18. Use social proof to establish credibility.
  19. Align with the customer’s pain points.
  20. Employ A/B testing to find the winning formula.
  21. Consider Length and Readability.
  22. Don’t make false statements or statistics

Mix these tips with CoSchedule’s Headline Studio features and you get one killer headline. Headline studio helps improve your headline with data-backed insights. After analyzing your headline, you’ll receive an overall score as well as scores in word count, character count, and word balance.

In turn, scoring high in those categories will skyrocket your overall score.

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