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In an ideal world, we wouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But in reality, your audience will decide whether or not your article is worth reading based on your headline.

Creating catchy titles is an uphill task — but it can become easier with an AI headline generator.

In this article, we’ll explore the various AI headline generators in the market and how you can use them effectively.

What Is An AI Headline Generator?

An AI headline generator uses artificial intelligence to provide catchy titles for blogs, YouTube videos, landing pages, ebooks, and more. All you have to do is enter the right prompt in an AI headline generator, and it’ll share a list of various ideas.

But AI headline generators aren’t the be-all-end-all for creating captivating headlines. You need a human touch to transform a title from meh to magnetic. Think of it as your brainstorming partner or your assistant helping you refine ideas you already have.

An AI headline generator is important to use because, without it, you’re missing out on a lot of potentially great title ideas. When creating headlines using AI, you don’t know what you don’t know. Using AI headline generators helps you see the potential of how engaging a title can be.

3 Benefits Of Using An AI Headline Generator

An AI headline generator has many benefits apart from crafting engaging headlines. Here are five:

1. You Save Time & Effort

After breaking a sweat to create great content, writing catchy headlines can seem like a drag. Coming up with multiple title options that are compelling and clear can make you want to pull your hair out.

AI is efficient, quick, and filled with ideas. It isn’t be as time-consuming as coming up with ideas from scratch, and it’s not as laborious because you have multiple options to work with in seconds.

2. You Boost Website Traffic & Engagement

It’s hard to come up with title ideas that incorporate SEO keywords but aren’t dry and dull. AI headline generators can create headlines that are SEO-friendly and entice readers.

You just have to tell the tool to use specific keywords to get a list of headline options that please the search engine overlords and your readers. The result? You boost website traffic and increase click-through rates without compromising on a compelling title. Win-win.

3. You Get The Best Brainstorming Partner

Quantity can improve quality when it comes to creating magnetic headlines. And AI is never short of quantity. Alone, you might hit your creative peak in a few hours. But AI can act as a conduit for your creativity.

You can keep on reiterating newer guidelines to come up with more headlines. Let’s say AI’s headlines are SEO-friendly but not catchy enough; instruct it to give ten more compelling ideas. If your brand voice leans on the entertaining side, guide AI to share funnier headlines. Anything is possible if you give the right information.

Why Use An AI Headline Generator?

In a sea of content, an eye-catching headline is non-negotiable. It’s the first impression you make on a prospective reader, and it’s what grabs their attention in the first place.

The hard truth is a poorly written headline can get in the way of a brilliant piece. Done right, a captivating title lures readers in. Done wrong, a boring headline pushes your audience away.

Using an AI headline generator ensures you’re maximizing your creative potential and seeing potential titles from all angles to land on the perfect one. You don’t want to wake up one day and realize all your pieces could’ve had a larger readership only if you paid more attention to your headlines.

4 Tips For Writing Effective Headlines With An AI Headline Generator

Any AI tool is only as good as the prompt it’s given. Here are five pro tips specifically for AI headline generators to get the best of it:

1. Provide As Much Information As Possible

AI tools can be tailored to your needs if you tell it as much information as possible. For titles, tell the AI tool your topic, character limit, target audience, core keywords to include, and brand voice you’re shooting for.

Should you give all the information at once or provide it in a new instruction every time? It depends on your tool. Some AI headline generators work best when all details are provided upfront. Others give better outputs when given fresh directions after every iteration.

Do some trial and error to see what prompt gives you the best results. In any scenario, your goal is to feed the AI headline generator with as much info as possible to provide you with the best results.

2. Experiment With Different Prompts

AI’s capabilities are far from over in the first result itself. Always give additional prompts to refine and flesh out headlines closer to what you’re looking for.

For example, Eric Doty instructed AI to use puns in his prompt for creative titles. Whether or not you’re giving prompts on ChatGPT, don’t be afraid of providing out-of-the-box prompts to generate fresh headlines.

The name of the game is experimentation. Try various prompts to generate ideas that are unique and innovative.

3. Edit The Headlines To Add The Human Touch

An AI headline generator is a great creative thought partner, but it isn’t enough on its own. You need a human hand to do some wordsmith magic and craft a headline that reaches your readers.

Use AI to assist you and nourish your creativity. For instance, Ryan Law asks AI to give variations on its title ideas and catches a word or phrase he can use in the finished draft.

If you keep at it and experiment with various prompts, sooner or later, AI will give you a nugget of inspiration that you can make your own for any type of headline.

4. Snoop on Your Competitors’ Headlines

Sometimes, an AI headline generator will give you a clever phrase you’d want to use immediately. But wait! The problem with most AI tools is they offer the same suggestions to multiple users. If you found a phrase in a title idea delightful, it’s likely someone else did too and they used it already.

Take Ben Philips spotting the same phrase in headlines from various newspapers. When readers notice this, it’s a major turn off and can ruin your brand’s reputation.

Before you use any phrase from an AI headline generator, double check if any other publication has used it already. If so, come up with something else using AI’s help again.

5 Examples Of AI Headline Generators

1. CoSchedule’s Headline AI

CoSchedule has a (free!) AI headline generator — which is a part of its Headline Studio. It not only shares creative title ideas, but also analyzes your existing headlines for readability and SEO with unique scores.


What makes CoSchedule an excellent AI headline generator:

  • Headline Studio has several features to elevate your headlines even more — like power words, A/B testing, and optimizing for SEO
  • You can give various prompts to make your headlines more inspiring, engaging, etc.
  • You can ask for more keywords you can target with your topic to boost traffic

Price: Free version available.

2. Jasper’s Perfect Headline Template

Jasper is an AI marketing tool that can help you do a lot of things (like copywriting or content writing). Inside the tool, you can find a template instructing the AI tool to provide you with catchy headlines.


What makes Jasper an excellent AI headline generator:

  • You can train it on your brand voice and customer avatars to align with your style requirements
  • It asks you for your ideal customer avatar and tone of voice to nail the results
  • Along with headlines, it has a wide variety of AI marketing tools

Price: Starts at $49/month.

3. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the most popular AI writing tool out there. You can use it for various use cases, but using it to brainstorm headlines is my favorite function. The best part is you can converse with ChatGPT to lay more instructions in the context of your previous one.

What makes ChatGPT an excellent AI headline generator:

  • You can provide instructions in context to your previous guidelines
  • You can feed it multiple instructions in a single go
  • You can use it for a wide variety of writing tasks

Price: Free version available.

4. Ahrefs AI SEO Title Generator

Ahrefs is an SEO tool that helps you find keywords, do a competitive analysis, and track traffic growth. Its AI headline generator isn’t as advanced as some of the other full-fledged AI tools out there, but it’s a great tool for generating SEO headlines.

What makes Ahrefs an excellent AI headline generator:

  • You can choose from four title types
  • You can provide instructions on tone
  • You can translate your titles into various languages

Price: Free.

5. Easy-Peasy AI Headline Generator

Easy-Peasy is an AI tool one step above Jasper. It can assist in not only writing tasks but also creating AI images, AI transcripts, and even AI text-to-speech. It has a separate headline generator template that asks you for your topic and tone.

What makes Easy-Peasy an excellent AI headline generator:

  • You can choose from a variety of languages
  • You can ask for your desired tone for your titles
  • You can use a host of other AI tools in conjunction

Price: Five free generations per day.

Use AI Headline Generators to Take Your Titles From Meh to Magnetic

Headlines can make or break any piece of content — whether it’s a blog post, a YouTube video, or a landing page. Most marketers lose out on potential traffic and loyal readers by not paying attention and care to their headlines.

With AI, it’s easy, quick, and efficient to generate many title ideas at scale. CoSchedule’s AI headline generator is the best brainstorming partner you could wish for. Try it today and see for yourself.

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