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The Best Way To Manage Your Social Media When You’re On-The-Go 85

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New Feature: The Best Way to Manage Your Social Media When You're On-The-Go

The world of social promotion is non-stop.

And as a marketer, constantly being “on” is a necessity.

Triple checking every single message is crucial…

…and making sure what goes out is sent to the right people, in the right way, at the right time (no matter where you are)…is non-negotiable.

Because ONE slip up…and it’s out there in the social atmosphere forever.

And this whole unnerving process of being a participant in the social media world?

Translates into a lot of stress for you (because you’re the one managing it all).


stressed (1).gif

^^talk about pressure, am I right?

So to avoid any mistakes…(because you’re Type-A and that is your nightmare)

…it’s practically a necessity to have your computer within reach (and have access to Wi-Fi) at any given time.


You also have a life. (Or at least you’d like one.)


So what if there was a way for you to access every social campaign on-the-go?

Where you could create, schedule, review, pause, or publish your social media messages WITHOUT your laptop…

Where Wi-Fi is just a “nice to have” and not a necessity…

Where you could have complete control over your social at ANY given time…

Well, starting today…

…you CAN.


Get excited, because the peeps at CoSchedule are pumped to introduce…

…your NEW secret weapon: Social Scheduling “On The Fly” for Mobile!



Stay uber productive (and in complete control of your social) no matter where you are:

  • Schedule social messages on the fly! Quickly add new messages to your social schedule from anywhere –– conference, special event, your morning commute, even that super engaging seminar on filing –– with CoSchedule’s new mobile app, you can schedule social messages whenever/wherever you feel inspired.
  • Stay in the loop away from your desk. Know what’s happening at any given moment, review scheduled messages, and make game time decisions without having to rely on Wi-Fi or your physical location.
  • No more panic attacks! Easily triple check, pause, and update any social message right from your phone. Stay in control of your social promotion and always know its going out to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.
  • Stay social. Social promotion isn’t always predictable. React fast to trending topics, real-time events, and time-sensitive situations with CoSchedule’s on the fly social scheduling app.

Enjoy the flexibility, control, and sense of security you get with 24/7 access to your social promotion…

…on a device that’s almost always attached to your hip in the first place.


Schedule Social Messages On The Fly!

Inspiration is everywhere…

…but your laptop is not.

And the thing about inspiration is that you never know when it’s going to strike.

For instance…it could happen when you’re at soccer practice.

Or when you’re traveling for work….

…. or even when you’re on an afternoon walk to grab a bite to eat.

And if you don’t figure out a way to write down that idea for an awesome social message as soon as it hits you…

…well, it floats away into the abyss of forgotten thoughts.


But, with Social Scheduling “On The Fly” for Mobile…

…you can quickly add new messages to your social schedule from anywhere!

At a conference, a special event, your morning commute…

Or even when you attend that super engaging seminar on filing.


Basically what I’m saying is that with our new mobile app…

…you can schedule social messages whenever / wherever you feel inspired.


So, let’s dive in and see how easy it is to schedule messages on the fly!

Here’s the breakdown:

Step 1: Open up your CoSchedule app to the master social calendar view.

Step 2: Select + to create a new social message.


Step 3: Select ALL social profiles you want to use and click Next.


Step 4: Add any text, images, links or videos to your message.

The best part?

You can add the images and videos from your phone’s photo album to your social messages.



Step 5: Select the time you want to send your message (or if you don’t want to schedule it right away, it’s easy to save it as a draft) and add a color label.


Step 6: Easily preview your message (for each social network).


Step 7: Once you are done, hit Add Message.


So basically what I’m saying is…

…it’s super easy to create a post (even when you’re not at your computer).

Which means you will never miss out on another great idea again.

And that’s pretty awesome.


Stay In The Loop Away From Your Desk

You’re a marketer who knows how to hustle.

So you’re ALWAYS on-the-go!

But that also means…you’re not *always* at your desk.

^see what I did there? :)

The problem with that is…

…you still need to know what’s going on with your social.

(Even when you can’t easily access a computer).

Luckily, with the new mobile app from CoSchedule…

…you will always know what’s happening at any given moment… easily review scheduled messages…

AND make game time decisions.

The best part?

You can do all of this without having to rely on Wi-Fi OR your physical location.

*happy dance*

Just hop into your CoSchedule mobile app, and immediately see ALL your posts that are scheduled for EVERY social network.

Manage all your social networks in one place.

You can also see which calendars you have connected to your mobile app, and every associated social profile.

See calendars connected to your CoSchedule mobile app

This makes easy to create, review, and post social messages for every profile…wherever + whenever you need to.

And finally…

…with the CoSchedule mobile app, you get a notifications page!

Which means it’s as easy as ever to see when your Instagram messages are ready to be pushed to your account…

…and see a list of any you may have missed. (Cuz hey, things happen!)


Get notified so you never forget to post.

So, with the CoSchedule mobile app…

…you’ll always stay on top of things EVEN if you’re away from your computer.

Which gives you the freedom and flexibility you deserve.


No More Panic Attacks!

Okay, so you’re a Type A marketer.

And when you’re Type-A (speaking from experience here)…

…you tend to take everything pretty seriously AND want things to be absolutely 100% perfect.

Which is great!


…your perfectionism also leads to a nice little experience called the “panic attack.”


Because when it feels like you don’t have complete control over a situation…

…you start to freak out a little.

And when it comes to your social…it’s no different.

Thankfully, you’re about to be your own hero by downloading the CoSchedule app.

Because with our mobile app, you can easily triple check, pause, and update any social message…

…right from your phone.


Stay in control of your social promotion and always know its going out to the right people…

…in the right way, at the right time.

Just hop into your mobile app (at ANY time) to check or change the status of any message on your calendar.


So with the CoSchedule mobile app on your side…

You can stop worrying when you’re away from your desk…

…and focus on being productive instead.


Stay #Social.

It’s the 21st century…

…and hundreds of millions of things are going on literally ALL THE TIME.

(I mean, it feels like the world never sleeps).

So it’s hard to know what’s happening…what will be trending…

…and which hashtags are blowin’ up the interwebs.

Which means you’ve got to be able to react fast in order to ride the #trending wave.

So basically what I am saying is…

…social promotion isn’t always predictable.

Luckily, with CoSchedule’s “On The Fly” Social Scheduling app you can react fast to trending topics, real-time events…

AND time-sensitive situations. (Cuz lahwd knows there are plenty of those).

For instance…

A tragedy takes place across the globe…and now your series of posts about how much you love donuts + coffee seem pretty out of touch.


Or you learn that today is a National Holiday (one of those made-up ones)…

…and need to create a post so you can ride the wave of #NationalTakeYourFishToWorkDay.


And just like that…

…you’re all caught up (and staying #relevant) with your social media.

Because with the CoSchedule mobile app…

it’s easy to make a quick change to your social plan at just a moment’s notice.

Which means that pretty soon it will feel like the rest of the world…

…can’t keep up with YOU.

63606649894727598159302139_ 1.gif

^^oh yeah!

So to recap…you’re a Type-A, always-on-the-go marketer.

You’re a hustler.

And let’s be honest, that means you can’t ALWAYS be at your desk…

Which means that you need a tool that can keep up with you.

So with Social Scheduling “On The Fly” for Mobile…

… you can keep being a mover-and-a-shaker…

AND still maintain complete control over your social.

No matter where you are…or if there’s Wi-Fi…or even if you don’t have your computer.

Because you’ve got everything you need (aka the CoSchedule mobile app)…

…right at your fingertips.



About the Author

Product Marketing Specialist @CoSchedule + popcorn connoisseur. Favorite things: Southern food, creative thinking + board games.

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