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Think about the amount of emails you get every day. It’s a lot, right? Now think about how many you quickly ignore or delete. Also, probably a lot. But what separates one email from another?

The subject line.

That’s the number one way to get someone to open your email.

Let’s get into how you can write powerful email subject lines that attract clicks, boost conversions, and engage with your audience like never before.

What Is An Email Subject Line Tester?

An email subject line tester gives your email optimal opens, clicks, and conversations. This tool bulletproofs your email’s subject line to ensure it’s strong from start to finish, avoids spam language, and grabs the reader.

An email subject line tester analyzes any given email subject line and scores it based on data-driven criteria that separates average emails from excellent ones. Input your subject line for recommendations referring to keywords, length, and overall tone.

Why Do Strong Email Subject Lines Matter?

Millions of emails are sent, received, and unfortunately at times, dismissed daily. Cut through the noise and equip your email with the necessary tools to land your email directly in the inbox of your target audience.

In 2022 email users reached 4.26 billion, that’s a lot of heads to turn. Any ordinary, run-of-the-mill email can’t compete. Without a strong email subject line, your emails are left high and dry.

Besides the fact that billions of people are active in their inbox on a daily basis, strong email subject lines grab attention, ensure delivery, and increase opportunities for sales. Here’s how:

Guarantees Delivery

A captivating email subject line:

  • Gives your emails a one-way ticket to the user’s inbox
  • Avoids spam language, helping your email avoid the spam folder
  • Benefits from testing and analyzing performance, to ensure optimal click and engagement rates
  • Immediately improves click-through rates and conversions when well-crafted

Drives More Conversions

A precise, targeted, and thorough email:

  • Generates more conversions in the typically crowded inboxes
  • Is more effective when the subject line is tested and proven
  • Demonstrates its worthiness for clicks through its detailed characteristics, leading to growth

Gets More ROI

An over-achieving subject line:

  • Generates higher open rates, increasing the likelihood of viewers taking action like purchasing a product or signing up for a service
  • Helps avoid spam filters and improve open rates with well-crafted content
  • Reaches a wider audience without needing to increase email send volume, thereby reducing overall marketing costs

How To Use Email Subject Line Tester In 5 Simple Steps

Create an email subject line that goes above and beyond using these simple steps. It’s as easy as writing, revising, publishing, and celebrating. (Celebrating your new subject line that generated all those conversions of course!)

1. Input Email Subject Line

Take your headline straight to the tester. Once you input your subject line, it’ll immediately report back with an overall score, compiled from length, keywords, and character count.

Some friendly advice: if your original subject line doesn’t perform like you predicted; it’s ok. Best thing you can do is fail fast. Your subject line doesn’t need to score high;y right away. Crafting a powerful, clickable headline poses as a learning curve. The recommendations will guide you to that perfect subject line in no time.

2. Analyze You Email Subject Line To Get Feedback

After your subject line is tested, you’ll be presented with the overall score of your subject line. From there, upgrade your subject line based on features like word balance, skimmability, sentiment, and more.

3. Make Adjustments (If Needed)

Follow these suggestions and adjust to test out a few other potential subject lines. Review their scores and compare which ones excel. Soon enough, you’ll enter a subject line that surpasses your past scores.

For example, from the previous score found in Step 2, we included an emotional word (Score) and included a stronger call-to-action (Only). These two adjustments upped our score! Whoo hoo!

4. Adapt For Future Subject Lines

Once you’ve seen some example recommendations, you can take this knowledge into your future subject lines. Keep in mind words that score high and filler words that decrease score. Before you know it, your original subject lines will be scoring high the first time around.

Here’s an example of possible scoring with your keywords. Email subject line tester will touch base on common, uncommon, emotional, and power keywords. Any area that has a low score, you can dive into a word bank and try to incorporate those options into your subject line.

5. Send An Email

By now, you know how to revamp any subject line so it generates optimal clicks and conversions. Now, you can look at your subject lines with pride.

Email subject lines have never looked so good. You did that.

Pro Tip: If you ever need a look back on past subject lines, access your version history, which contains all of your past subject lines and their scores.

Best Practices For Writing An Effective Email Subject Line That Converts

Writing effective email subject lines requires a focus on keywords, characteristics, and use of emojis. Learn how to develop a sense of urgency, provide value, and prove trustworthiness. With these tactics, your email won’t go unnoticed.

Capitalize On Characteristics That Convert

Don’t overthink it. Your email is exactly what the receiver is looking for. Match your subject line to the content inside your email, and your audience will naturally be drawn to it.

Plus, with a subject line that explains what’s in the email, you’ll know what content is driving traction and what isn’t.

Attract Attention

It’s human nature to make snap decisions, whether we are aware of it or not. Your subject line needs to be able to break the cycle and stand out. One single line needs to refuse to be clicked over, and demand to be read.

You only get a split second to grab attention. Testing your subject line means you’re finding the best possible subject line to publish. A strong subject line will make readers do a double-take and give your email the chance it deserves.

Optimize Character & Word Count

Keep in mind the effect of character and word count. If a subject line is too wordy, it can be passed off as spam or simply ignored from recipients. Again, you only have a few seconds to grab attention!

On the other hand, if a subject line is too short, that doesn’t always bode well for the sender either. It may not explain everything the receiver needs to know. If someone doesn’t have enough information right off the bat, they may not probe for more.

Make it easy for your readers and maintain around 50 characters in your subject line. On the flipside, try to keep your subject line between 7-10 words. These data-backed measurements gain the most click-throughs.

Harness The Power Of Emojis

Now, emojis may be a slippery slope, but done correctly, emojis can boost open rates as much as 57%. Use emojis to give your brand some personality and flair. Emojis are also a great way to turn heads, so grabbing attention just got a whole lot easier.

Remember less is more with emojis, throw one or two in there to spice it up!

Be Transparent And Clear In Your Message

A little subject line holds incredible power and the worst way to abuse that power is to confuse or mislead the viewer. A strong email subject line explains to the reader everything they need to know in the span of one sentence.

A reader can see a subject line and know exactly what it provides to them and why they need it. That’s what great subject lines do, and those become the chosen ones.

Continue To Test

Always continue to test and experiment with your subject lines. You’ll gain a better grasp on what generates clicks and what may be working against you. Aim to get scores in the 70’s or above, and your subject line will be golden.

Learn from the recommendations and before you know it, you’ll be writing stellar subject lines time after time!

Improve Personal Connection

Think of your subject line as a first impression; incredibly important. Connect with your audience right off the bat. Your email subject line can take many forms depending on your intended audience. What better way to connect with your audience than personalizing subject lines directly to them.

Consider addressing them by their name in the subject line. Grabs attention and offers a touch of personalization. A powerful email subject line can prove you know your audience and motivate them to open your email. Who says you can’t create a personal connection with a single subject line?

Build Trust & Credibility

Straightforward and meaningful email subject lines build trust and credibility. Customers respect no beat-around-the-bush emails, they get enough of those. If a customer opens an email and it’s nothing close to what it advertised itself as, they may never open emails from that sender again.

Consistently send emails that provide value for your readers. This will get your audience genuinely excited to see YOUR name in THEIR inbox.

Provide Value

Arguably the most important part of your subject line is to provide value. Prove to the reader why your email is worth their time, and as a matter of fact something they need. This factor is what really drives clicks.

Pro Tip: Ask yourself from the perspective of a recipient: “What’s in it for me?” From there, answer your own question. Explain how the content of your email benefits them, then place that reasoning in your subject line.

By answering this question before your audience can, leaves you with a powerful message that recipients are eager to read.

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Create Urgency

To motivate your audience and increase clicks, create a sense of urgency. Whether it’s declaring a discount for a limited time only or phrases like “Don’t miss out”, these ideas can encourage viewers to take action.

Avoids Spam Filters

The worst place you want your email to end up is the spam folder, especially if you’re promoting deals, opportunities, and vital information to viewers. An effective email subject line is your first defense to the spam folder.

Be sure to avoid ‘spammy’ language and overuse of emojis. These things can set off a ‘spam trigger’ if you will and your email will wind up as spam. Engage your audience without the worry of seeing the inside of someone’s spam folder.

Use Numbers & Ask Questions

Expand your reach by including numbers in your subject lines. With the inclusion of numbers it not only catches the attention of the viewer, but it’s a huge indication of what they will receive from your email.

Along with the numbers game, consider phrasing your subject line as a question. Posing a question has the power to evoke feelings from your recipient and draw them in to read your email.

And they’ll be happy they did!

Be Honest

The best way to avoid spam filters is to prove your emails’ trustworthiness. Create an honest subject line that resonates with the contents of your email. When your audience sees you pop up in their email, they can’t help but be reminded of the valuable information you provide.

Give your audience all the more reason to be hyped to see your email in their inbox.

Examples Of Well-Written Email Subject Lines

A subject line’s effectiveness depends on your audience, the context of your email, and how well it aligns with the email’s content.

Personalized Email Subject Lines

These subject lines include the recipient’s name or other personal details for a more customized feel.

  • “John, we miss you! Come back with this special offer.”
  • “Sarah, check out these new books we know you’ll love”
  • “Hey Paige! We’ve got a special offer just for you…”
  • “Checking in, Megan! We’ve got exciting news for you!”
  • “Exclusive offer for you, Jessica: 20% off your next purchase!”
  • “Samantha, your personalized weekly reading suggestions are here.”
  • “Looking for a vacation, Mike? Check out these destinations!”

Question Subject Lines

These subject lines pose a question to pique the recipient’s curiosity.

  • “Ready for the best vacation of your life?”
  • “Looking for a great read, Mark?”
  • “Do you know the latest trends in digital marketing?”
  • “Want to learn how to improve your website’s SEO?”
  • “Interested in volunteering opportunities in your area?”
  • “Struggling with productivity? This could help!”
  • “Ready to take your business to the next level?”

How-To Subject Lines

These subject lines promise the reader valuable information or teach them how to do something.

  • “How to maximize your online sales in 10 days”
  • “Learn how to cook a gourmet meal at home”
  • “How to Boost Your Social Media Presence in 7 Days”
  • “How to Dress for Success: A Comprehensive Guide”
  • “Learn How to Maximize Your Savings in 5 Simple Steps”
  • “Discover How to Write a Best-Selling Novel”
  • “How to Improve Your Photography Skills: Tips and Tricks”

Urgent Subject Lines

These subject lines create a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to encourage quick action.

  • “Hurry, only 5 spots left for our webinar”
  • “Sale ends tonight – don’t miss out!”
  • “Receive half off on all products for a limited time only!”
  • “Ends today: Get your free gift with purchase”
  • “Don’t miss out: Your discount code expires tonight”
  • “Hurry, your cart items are selling out!”
  • “Last chance: Save 30% on your entire order”

Announcement Subject Lines

These subject lines share exciting news or announcements.

  • “Introducing our brand new AI assistant!
  • “Big news: Our most awaited feature is here!”
  • “Announcing our biggest sale of the year!”
  • “Something exciting is coming your way…”
  • “You’re invited: Join us for our annual customer appreciation event”
  • “New product alert: Check out our latest releases”
  • “We’ve made some changes: Discover our new website today”
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