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How to Use the Headline Analyzer

The Headline Analyzer is an awesome tool that will help you write headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search result for projects you are working on in CoSchedule.

How to Analyze Headlines in Projects

  1. Open or create a project.
  2. Use the Text Editor or WordPress attachment options.
  3. Type your headline into the Headline text box near the top of your attachment.
  4. Click Analyze next to the headline to calculate the headline score.
  5. The Headline Analyzer will display the Word Balance ChartWord Count, and Character Count.
  6. There will also be two links that will take you to our document about the Best Words for Headlines and a link to give you a complete Full Analysis on your analyzed headline.

Types of Words:

Common Words: These words make up the basic structure of readable headlines. Great headlines are usually made up of 20%-30% common words.

Uncommon Words: These words occur less frequently than common words, but give your headline substance. Great headlines are usually made up of 10-20% uncommon words.

Emotional Words: These words frequently stir an emotional response in the reader. They have been proven to drive clicks and shares. Great headlines are usually made up of 10-15% emotional words.

Power Words: These are words or phrases that contain intense trigger words that frequently command a reader’s attention and action. Great headlines contain at least one power phrase or word.

Keep Track of Old Headlines

The Headline Analyzer will keep track of the old headlines you have created for your current project so you can compare them to the others.

To view all past headlines for the project, click .

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