Headline Studio FAQs

Will unused credits be carried over from the previous month?

No, unused credits are not carried over to the next month. Instead, credits reset each month on the date of your original subscription purchase. 

Where do I log into Headline Studio?

Bookmark headlines.coschedule.com to easily log in to your Headline Studio account.

Is Headline Studio included in the Write a Review for 50% off deal?

Yes, it is! Write and submit a review that follows the guidelines outlined here and receive 50% off any Headline Studio subscription plan.

Can I invite a team member to my Headline Studio account?

Headline Studio accounts do not currently offer a team member invitation for others to access the same account. However, some customers who need coworkers to access the same account will share the login information so they can access it. Otherwise, your teammates can create their own accounts for free.

Is Headline Studio available in other languages?

No, currently Headline Studio is only available in English. 

Can Headline Studio be used on WordPress sites?

Yes, you can use Headline Studio on WordPress adding the free plugin. You can learn more here.

Can Headline Studio be used on non-WordPress sites?

Yes, you can use Headline Studio on any site by adding the free extension. The extension is supported in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. You can download it here.

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