How to Use Hire Mia

Explore the features of Hire Mia and find answers to common questions with the information below.

Understanding the Dashboard

The dashboard is your starting point for conversations with Mia and accessing documents with ease.

Engage in a New Chat with Mia

Initiating a new chat from the dashboard will open a document group alongside your chat in the sidebar.

Access Recent Documents Swiftly

Revisit a recent document or select View All for comprehensive document management.

Editor Navigation Tips

The editor is your space to create content collaboratively with Mia.

Interactive Text Editor

Directly edit text in the editor or highlight to request edits from Mia. Navigate between document versions using < and > — remember, you can only edit the latest version. Selecting Restore Version on an older version will generate a new editable version with that content.

Review Revision History

The clock icon reveals the document's revision history, detailing each change and the author. Use the version menu to manage past versions, but note that once a version is deleted, it's gone for good.

Efficient Document Handling

The page icon shows your documents within the group, allowing for easy navigation and new document creation. Utilize the document menu for renaming, reorganizing, or removing items — recoverable from the trash within 30 days.

Seamless Chat Integration

The chat icon toggles your conversation with Mia. This thread persists across documents and versions within the group. Mia will choose to respond in chat or create content based on your request. If an action isn't as expected, rephrase and try again.

Document Essentials

Select Documents from the sidebar to edit or organize your files. Use the document menu for quick edits, to mark favorites, or to discard. Restore or permanently delete items from the trash as needed.

Prompt Library Usage

Begin with a prompt template from the library by selecting Prompt Library on the sidebar. Customize your chosen template and send it to Mia to kickstart a new document group with your chat in the sidebar. Create and preserve custom prompt templates with the Create New Prompt option — a feature exclusive to paid plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are credits used?

Each new document or version generated by Mia consumes one credit.

What happens when I run out of credits?

Without credits, Mia becomes unavailable in chat. You can still navigate and edit documents manually. To continue collaborating with Mia, consider upgrading or purchasing additional credits.