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View Tasks in the Mobile App

You can see all your tasks and notifications in the CoSchedule Mobile App. Access the My Upcoming page to easily view and edit existing tasks, mark tasks as complete, and create new tasks.

View your Tasks

Tap the three lines in the lower-left corner to go to the My Upcoming page. You’ll be able to see all upcoming tasks assigned to you listed just as they are on the desktop version.

Mark a Task Complete

Tap the box next to a task to mark it as complete and it will be removed from your tasks list.

Create a New Task

To create a new task in the mobile app, tap the orange plus sign in the lower-right corner of your screen, or select the day you would like the task to be due. 

Then enter a Task name and/or description. In the My Upcoming page, new tasks can only be assigned to you. 

Select a Due Date that you want the task to be scheduled on or leave the task as No Due Date.

Edit a Task

To edit an existing task, tap the task name. You can then edit the task title, description, due date, and assigned user using the dropdown menus. When you are finished, tap Save Task at the bottom of your screen.


Delete a Task

Tap the name of the task you want to delete. When the Edit Task page opens, tap the trash can icon in the upper right.

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