If You Love The Headline Analyzer, Just Wait Until You See This... Think #Social Media

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If You Love The Headline Analyzer, Just Wait Until You See This… Think #Social Media

Headline Analyzer

The blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.

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If You Love the Headline Analyzer, Just Wait Until You See This ... Think #Social Media

Repeat what you know works.

^^^ That’s p-r-e-t-t-t-t-y good advice.

And we know you LOVE the Headline Analyzer to help you optimize your content titles to get more traffic, higher search engine rankings, and more social shares.


YOU are getting a brand new FREE tool to help you get BIGGER results from your social media marketing!

It’s the Social Message Optimizer.

Screenshot from the Social Media Optimizer

And it will help you boost your social media engagement for every message you write (and it’s 100% backed by REAL—and never-before-seen, proprietary—data)!

When you use the Social Message Optimizer, you’ll…

  • Stop guessing! Learning + remembering the mechanics/best practices to write amazing messages for every social network is overwhelming (to say the least). With the Social Message Optimizer, you have a clear starting point! Write your message, review how it will perform in every social network, and optimize it for each network based on real data.
  • Get immediate feedback to improve fast. Sometimes you just need to bounce ideas off someone to improve your work. The Social Message Optimizer is your expert social media consultant that is always available to help you A/B test + enhance your shares before you post them.
  • Boost your engagement! Capture more eyeballs with your messages to get even more likes, comments, shares, and link clicks than you do today. Optimize your messages according to social network best practices backed by science to increase your reach.

I am envisioning you look like this right now:

super excited

^^^ And that is pretty much what I look like as I’m writing this post, too, btw (so you are in good company)!

The First Thing You Need To Do

Subscribe to this special email list to be the very first person to know when the Social Message Optimizer launches:

Who knows… you may even get private access to an exclusive pre-launch period with the Social Message Optimizer… before it launches to the public.

Now that that is out of the way…

What Exactly Is The Social Message Optimizer?

It’s a tool that will help you get more engagement from your social media messages.

Step 1: Type your social media message into the Social Message Optimizer and hit Score My Message!


Step 2: Review your message’s performance on each social network.

Review message performance per network

Step 3: Follow the prompts from the Social Message Optimizer to improve your message’s score for each network.

Follow prompts to improve message score

Step 4: Get more likes, comments, shares, and link clicks for every social media message you schedule. 🙌

Why Should You Use (AKA Be Super Excited About) The Social Message Optimizer?

The Social Message Optimizer is backed by data from 6,399,322 of the top social media messages sent through CoSchedule.


^^ That’s kinda crazy.

The question we aimed to answer with the study: What are the mechanics behind the most engaging social media messages?


Engagement is a huge word in social media marketing these days. Sharing engaging content helps you build a loyal social media following. So… how can you do that?

Use the free Social Message Optimizer from your friends at CoSchedule. 😉

It’s like having a data-driven social media consultant at your fingertips to help you optimize your shares.

The Social Message Optimizer analyzes your…

  1. Message type: Should you use link, image, video, or text? You may be surprised about the messages that tend to get the most engagement on the specific social networks.
  2. Characters: How long should your social media message be? There is an ideal length for maximum engagement on every network.
  3. Hashtags: How many hashtags should you use? Some networks do best with zero whereas others require a few.
  4. Emojis: Should you use emojis in your message? And if so, how many?
  5. Sentiment: Is your message positive or negative? Pull on those emotional heartstrings to get even more engagement.

…and it gives you a score for every social network. Your goal is to get a score of 70 or higher.

So now you’ll forget the overwhelming process of trying to remember all the mechanics/best practices behind writing amazing social media messages. You’ll get immediate feedback from the Social Message Optimizer to improve fast.

And all of that will boost your engagement.

Imagine way more likes, comments, shares, and link clicks. You’ll easily optimize your messages to increase your reach on every network.

When Will The Social Message Optimizer Launch?

The Social Message Optimizer is scheduled to launch in May 2017. That is subject to change, so you should stay tuned.

Again, you can subscribe to this special email list to get updates and be the first to know when the Social Message Optimizer is live:

Until then, stay excited. ;)


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