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Uffda (pronounced "oof-da"), who says location is everything? We’re building the best product on the market from the unlikeliest of places.

Our Story

Core Values

We believe that by striving for excellence in our character and our code, we can build a deep level of trust with our customers, and help them achieve their marketing goals.

Passion for Product

Passion for Product

We love our product. This means we always infuse it with the best we can offer, relentlessly maintaining a high standard.

Bias for Action

Bias for Action

We know that ideas don’t matter unless they become action. We always err on the side of shipping, failing fast, and getting better as we go along.

Never Settle

Never Settle

We are focused on improving and getting better, as a team, as a product, and individually - always learning and challenging ourselves.

Trust in your Team

Trust In Your Team

If you’re on our team, we already trust you. We trust you to work hard, do your best, and always be improving. We also trust you to speak up. We work and think as a team.

Think Big

Think Big

We are willing to take bold risks when necessary. It can be easy to stick with what you know, but we strive to pursue new ideas and challenge ourselves and our team.

Vote for Value

Vote for Value

Every day we choose to go above and beyond what’s expected for our team and customers. We look for ways to celebrate our clients and teammates and provide more value than they ever expect.

Do those sound like values you have? See our open positions to join the team!

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Meet Our Team

Shannon Wiedman, UI/UX Design Lead
Shannon Wiedman

Head of Product

Luis Vegerano, Director of Engineering
Luis Vegerano

Director of Engineering

Jaden VanEckhout, Senior Software Engineer
Jaden VanEckhout

Lead Platform Engineer

Chris Harwood, Technical Support Agent
Chris Harwood

Support Operations Lead / Escalated Support

Jon Streckert, Quality Assurance Lead
Jon Streckert

Quality Assurance Lead

Britni Schwartz, Senior Product Manager
Britni Schwartz

Senior Product Manager

Gustavo San Jose, Senior Software Engineer
Gustavo San Jose

Senior Software Engineer

Mitch Helbling, Software Engineer
Mitch Helbling

Senior Software Engineer

Chad Helbling, Software Engineer
Chad Helbling

Senior Software Engineer

Lance Hendrickson, Business Analyst
Lance Hendrickson

Business Analyst

Chris St. Amant, Senior Product Designer
Chris St. Amant

Senior Product Designer

Samantha Albrecht, Product Designer
Samantha Albrecht

Product Designer

Alex Ayala, Technical Support Agent
Alex Ayala

Technical Support Agent

Keenan Kaufman, Software Engineer
Keenan Kaufman

Software Engineer

Ben Hapip, Software Engineer
Ben Hapip

Software Engineer

J.Morgan Legreid, Software Engineer
J.Morgan Legreid

Software Engineer

Tony Smith, Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer
Tony Smith

Jr. Quality Assurance Engineer

Nathan Ellering, Head of Marketing
Nathan Ellering

Head of Marketing

Shelley Danz, Customer Service Representative
Shelley Danz

Customer Service Supervisor

Jeremiah Utecht, Marketing Automation Strategist
Jeremiah Utecht

Marketing Automation Strategist/Business Intelligence

Whitney Deterding, Product Marketing Strategy Lead
Whitney Deterding

Product Marketing Strategy Lead

LaRissa Hendricks, Product Marketing Copywriter
LaRissa Hendricks

Product Marketing Strategist

Tim Walker, Senior Graphic Designer
Tim Walker

Senior Graphic Designer

Grecia Allen, Customer Service Specialist
Grecia Allen

Customer Service Specialist

Megan Jeromchek, Product Marketing Specialist
Megan Jeromchek

Product Marketing Specialist

Annie Fitzell, Customer Service Specialist
Annie Fitzell

Customer Service Specialist

Sara Barone, Customer Service Representative
Sara Barone

Customer Service Representative

Emma Hagemeier, Graphic Design Intern
Emma Hagemeier

Graphic Design Intern

Evan Hart, Graphic Design Intern
Evan Hart

Graphic Design Intern

Samantha Tate, Marketing Intern
Samantha Tate

Marketing Intern

Brier Gurholt, Marketing Intern
Brier Gurholt

Product Marketing Intern

Soren Beckstrom, Marketing Intern
Soren Beckstrom

Product Marketing Intern

Kate Schaefer, Marketing Intern
Kate Schaefer

Content Marketing Intern

Peter Pomonis, Lead Account Executive
Peter Pomonis

Lead Account Executive

Sara Flowers, Customer Success Manager
Sara Flowers

Lead Customer Success Manager

Brock Azure, Customer Success Manager
Brock Azure

Customer Success Manager

Isaac Olson, Sales Development Representative
Isaac Olson

Sales Account Executive

Brian Jackson, Sales Development Representative
Brian Jackson

Sales Development Representative

Evan Workin, Customer Success Manager
Evan Workin

Customer Success Manager

Alex Schmidt, Customer Success Manager
Alex Schmidt

Sales Development Representative

Morgan Wall, Customer Success Manager
Morgan Wall

Customer Success Manager

Tiffany Williams, Sales Development Representative
Tiffany Williams

Sales Account Associate

Chris Paul, Head of Customer Success Management
Chris Paul

Chief Operating Officer

Molly Rolston, Office Manager
Molly Ralston

Office Manager & HR Coordinator

Garrett Moon, Co-Founder
Garrett Moon

CEO & Co-Founder

Justin Walsh, Co-Founder
Justin Walsh

CTO & Co-Founder

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