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The Case for CoSchedule

CoSchedule saves marketing teams (on average) $50,000 every year. Answer a few simple questions to see for yourself how CoSchedule could help you save money and complete more work on time.

We compared your data with real CoSchedule customer feedback. Based on your unique inputs, CoSchedule could help your team achieve the following results.

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Build Your Case For CoSchedule

What is your industry?

How many people are on your marketing team?

How many projects does your team complete each week?

How many social profiles does your team manage?

What is the name of your company?

What is your marketing team’s top problem?

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What is your team’s current marketing stack?

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Your Report Summary

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Save $118,000 every year

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Get back 4265 hours every year

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Complete 1495 more projects every year

Get back 42 hours of productive time every week.

End the constant back and forth, email threads, and copy/paste nonsense. Kill the time wasters that suck up 48% of the average work week! With CoSchedule, your team could get back 42 hours every week so you can deliver projects on time and complete more work.

Your team's weekly productive hours

See how Florida Realtors saves time and improves stakeholder relationships with CoSchedule.

Complete work 9x faster with your existing team

Speed up production so you can get more done. Your team currently takes 9 times longer than average marketing teams to complete projects.

See how Simpleview completes more work faster with CoSchedule.

Your team's weekly project velocity

Complete 14 more projects every week

Stop coordinating your work and start completing it. Give your existing team the capacity to complete up to 14 more projects every week.

See how Borshoff publishes nearly 4x more content with CoSchedule.

Your team's weekly completed projects

Maximize your investment in 5 tools you already use.

Use your martech to its full potential by eliminating disconnected workflows. Integrate 5 existing tools so you can use the best tools for the job while getting more organized.

Eliminate 4+ tools you don’t need.

Get rid of redundant tools that confuse your team, slow them down, and waste your budget. Save $9,600 in unnecessary software every year by consolidating martech with CoSchedule.

See how the University of South Carolina eliminated 4+ tools with CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is a market leader in the technology industry.

With more than 10,000 customers in 100+ countries, CoSchedule is the fastest-growing marketing platform.

"Now that everything is documented, we’re doing more projects, and the turnaround time in the approval process is much faster."

Nate Casimiro

Nate Casimiro,
Marketing Operations Manager

Within the first 6 months of adopting CoSchedule, Simpleview...

  • Doubled the number of projects completed with the same team.
  • Shortened production timelines by 80%.
  • Improved stakeholder relationships by meeting project delivery dates.
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Organize your team in 90 days or sooner.

Get training that drives adoption and success quickly so you can get the REAL work done! More than 95% of teams completely onboard in their first 90 days of CoSchedule.

If you bought CoSchedule today, you could be organized by .

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This ROI report is powered by real customer data.

The calculator combines user feedback with proprietary data to customize your ROI report. Data points include savings from team members, projects, meetings, tools, and integrations.

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