Rather than marketing toward individuals within an organization, account based marketing grabs the accounts with the biggest revenue potential and targets them specifically.

Today, the marketing and sales teams often use software to help reach target accounts easier. ABM software allows marketers to easily engage with their largest target accounts online. This doesn’t mean all the work is done for them. In fact, one of the reasons account based marketing is so effective is the personalization that goes into it.

Companies use ABM to achieve the following benefits:

  • Aligned sales and marketing teams
    • When both teams are focused on the same goal, they can work together to increase revenue.
  • Better customer experience
    • The personalization each target account receives proves your business is meaningful and relevant.
  • Efficient use of budget
    • Instead of spending money on gathering unsuccessful leads, this process determines which accounts are worth reaching out to.
  • Shorter sales cycle
    • ABM sends the right messages to the actual decision makers of the accounts, so you don’t waste time going through multiple employees.
  • Successful conversations
    • The sales team can say goodbye to cold calling because ABM ensures buyers will have already been exposed to the company.