What is an AI Prompt?

An AI Prompt is any form of text, question, information, or coding that communicates to AI what response you’re looking for. Adjusting how you phrase your prompt, AI could provide varying responses. 


Why is an AI Prompt Important?

Further specifying your AI prompt unlocks the full potential of your marketing team. By consistently delivering strong prompts that generate the answers you need, AI has the ability to make your marketing team more efficient. 


  • Strengthen Responses

Providing specific AI prompts avoids vague replies, and promises distinct answers. Prompts direct AI’s responses, a thorough prompt ensures you receive accurate, in-depth responses, which could lead your marketing team to developing full-fledged marketing strategies. 

  • Increase Efficiency

Interacting with AI with dead-end prompts will halt your progress and you’ll be spending time conducting trial-and-error re-runs. Using effective AI prompts however will get you a more targeted, detailed response on the first try, saving you time in your marketing efforts. 

  • Enhance Future Interactions

Knowing how to write concise, clear prompts will ensure that any future question/command you have for AI, you will receive a strong response. Once you can accurately prompt AI, you enable AI to produce in-depth content creation that fuels your marketing. 


10 Powerful Marketing Prompts 

  • Identify how to increase website traffic in the summer months.
  • Rewrite this blog post into an Instagram post using this URL: [insert blog post URL]
  • Suggest powerful keyword phrases for “Free Marketing Ideas” to optimize search engine rankings.
  • Brainstorm content for “Christmas Marketing Ideas” as a blog post.
  • Write an Instagram post featuring a customer testimonial about [new product]
  • Draft an email subject line that targets [target audience] about [product]
  • Create a 3-month social media campaign to advertise [product] and suggest the social media channels to focus on
  • Write a promotional LinkedIn post for [product or service]
  • What marketing channels have the lowest ROI?
  • List ways to market my brand on Twitter.