Expanded Definition

This means that if a customer enters the door of a brick-and-mortar location, accesses an e-commerce app, visits a website, receives a marketing email (and so forth), the branding, messaging, and overall experience will be the same.

At their core, omnichannel strategies are all about empowering customers to engage with a store or brand wherever and whenever they like, while providing one seamless experience.


Here are some examples of how an omnichannel strategy might be applied:

  • Adding an item to your cart on a website causes it to appear on your account using an app as well.
  • Receiving an email, visiting a website, and then entering a store while seeing consistent branding and promotion across every touchpoint.
  • Using email to send a customer a coupon on their next purchase after buying something from a physical location.

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Definition of Omnichannel Marketing