If an IP address doesn’t have a good sender score, an email sent from there may not reach who the sender was targeting. In order to make sure the emails get filed into the right folder, email marketers need to make sure they have a good sender score.

One of the best ways to increase your sender score is to send our your emails as frequently as agreed upon by the receivers, consistently. You want to make sure you’re sending quality, relevant information. Otherwise, you risk getting marked as SPAM, and none of your emails will arrive at that address.

There are things that businesses do that lower their scores, and they might not even be aware of it. Some examples include:

  • using emails with misspelled addresses
  • buying email lists
  • keeping uninterested contacts
  • sending bad content
  • being inconsistent with emails

Sender scores are important for email marketers to understand. After all, what’s the point of spending the time to create a top-notch email if no one will see it?