Consumers want to find the right information quickly, and without any hassle. This is why a search bar on a website is so important. If a person cannot find what they’re looking for on the site, chances are they won’t become a customer. Instead, they’ll leave your site and look for answers elsewhere.

A successful site search can have many benefits including:

  • more positive user experiences
  • lower bounce rates
  • higher conversion rates

When people are able to find the information they are looking for easily, they may stick around to see what else they can discover on your site. When they don’t leave right away, it decreases your bounce rate. The more people stick around and gather more information about your product or services, they may become influenced to make a purchase.

A good site search gives the reader what they want. It gives them answers and captures their attention. It also gives the site itself some analytical insights. By tracking what people are searching for, and what keywords they’re using, a website can tell what content people are looking for and what their consumers are interested in. It may even influence what a company writes about next, or what products they might want to add to their lineup.