Here are the steps for completing the Skyscraper Technique:

  1. Find Top Performing Content
    1. Do a simple Google search. The best articles with the most backlinks will pop up on the first results page.
    2. Read through that content and try to discover where they fall short.
  2. Take What You Learned and Improve On It
    1. If the piece of content lists 10 reasons you should do something, write content that lists 15 or 20 reasons you should do it.
    2. Give your audience more information that dives deeper into the subject matter that interests them.
    3. Find unique ways to make your content stand out.
  3. Get Other Content To Link to the New, Valuable Content You Just Created
    1. Reach out to the sources you linked to in your content and let them know about it.
    2. Message professionals within your industry and let them know you have content their audience might like.

As important as building links are, you should never buy them as that goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This could lead to you getting a Google penalty that will hurt your search engine rankings.