10x Marketing Formula For Creating Competition-Free Content That Stands Out And Gets Better Results

10x Marketing Formula

Results or Die!

Ready to ditch playing follow the leader and start thinking like a scrappy startup?

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This book’s title tips off the premise: we're after 10x marketing results. This means the return we expect, and are resolved to achieve, is ten times over what we put in. We aren’t looking for 10 percent year-over-year growth; we’re laser-focused on blowing the roof off last year’s, last month’s, and last week’s numbers.

To do this requires a mindset shift. You can’t expect 10x results from copying everyone else. What worked for someone else isn’t a guarantee to work for you. This means drafting a binder full of charts and best guesses and calling it a marketing plan is doomed to fail. It’s too crowded and the world moves too fast for “copycat marketing.”

This book is about finding those strategic shortcuts. It’s about short-circuiting the path to jaw-dropping growth. You have to find your own way – and the 10x-Marketing Formula is that path.

Ready to get 10x results like a startup?

or download chapter one

What's Inside

Get Scrappy
Section One

Get Scrappy

How to approach your marketing like a scrappy startup fighting for survival to blow the lid off your marketing and get 10x results. You’ll learn to press the reset button on your team’s mindset, become a content hacker, and produce real growth.

Marketing Formula
Section Two

The 10x-Marketing Formula

The complete 10x-Marketing Formula to plan, execute, publish, AND optimize your 10x projects. Transform your workflows. Skyrocket results. Reduce timelines. And learn to make content so good it renders competition irrelevant.

Marketing Toolbox
Section Three

10x-Marketing Toolbox

Plus, take action with practical, how-to templates and resources from people who’ve done it.

Garrett Moon, Co-Founder

Garrett Moon

About the Author

Garrett Moon is the CEO and Co-Founder at CoSchedule, the web's most popular marketing calendar and the fastest growing startup in North Dakota. Ranked as the best business tool built by a startup on Entrepreneur.com, CoSchedule helps more than 10,000 marketing teams stay organized in 100+ countries around the world. In 2016, CoSchedule was named one of the top five startups in Tech. Co's Startup of the Year Competition.

As a thought leader, Garrett has been blogging and speaking about content marketing, social media marketing, and startup business for more than seven years. He's been featured on sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Social Media Examiner, and Content Marketing Institute.

"Want a guide to creating effective content that's overflowing with actionable tips? Look no further than The 10x Marketing Formula. Unlike most books in this space, it's written by a guy that's actually done it. Highly recommended."

Brian Dean, Backlinko
Brian Dean,
Backlinko SEO

"Growth no longer goes to the biggest. It goes to the scrappiest. It goes to the content hackers who find strategic shortcuts. Who's gonna own the future? The marketing teams who embrace this blueprint and learn to think like the agile, lean teams outlined in this book."

Joanna Wiebe, Airstory
Joanna Wiebe,

"Today, most companies do some form of content marketing. Unfortunately, most are failing. This book will not only get you facing the right direction, but will give you the insight to truly differentiate your company from the competition. There are no more excuses."

Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute
Joe Pulizzi,
Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Let’s short-circuit the path to jaw-dropping growth, shall we?

or download chapter one