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Sprout Social alternative: CoSchedule CoSchedule has hosted many demos with Sprout Social customers looking to for a viable alternative due to recent price increases. But finding the right replacement can be overwhelming. CoSchedule Marketing Suite includes must-have social media management tools plus many other features to help marketers organize all of their marketing in one place. If you’re ready to see Marketing Suite in action, schedule your demo now. 🙂

Why Choose CoSchedule Marketing Suite Over Sprout Social

CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a powerful marketing software that brings your team, process, & projects - including social media management - into one tool. The comprehensive content calendar and robust social media tools provide better visibility and workflow management than Sprout Social’s capabilities. Sprout Social Alternative - Weekly view of CoSchedule's Marketing Suite With Marketing Suite, you can easily see all your projects and tasks as scheduled The following information is meant to help you understand how CoSchedule Marketing Suite compares to Sprout Social as a viable alternative:

Robust Social Media Publishing Integrations

Sprout Social is heavily used for social media planning and publishing. CoSchedule Marketing Suite includes social media scheduling and publishing for the industry’s most popular social media networks.

Social Media Integration

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • X (Formerly known as Twitter)
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Mastodon - Not available in Sprout Social
To help marketers get started with Marketing Suite quickly, we have an easy-to-use bulk import tool. You can import many social media messages from a spreadsheet to your Calendar in seconds. Bulk import options are available for content and projects outside of social messages, too. And should you ever need to pause social publishing from your calendar, Marketing Suite also features a “stop” button called Pause Social Media Sending.

Best Time Scheduling For Better Engagement

Love using Optimal Send Times to schedule messages in Sprout Social? CoSchedule's best time scheduling - A Sprout Social alternative Best time scheduling serves as a viable alternative to Sprout Social's optimal send times CoSchedule Marketing Suite features a similar tool called Best Time Scheduling that allows you to publish messages at the optimal time for engagement.

Cross-Functional Marketing Calendar

The Calendar in Marketing Suite gives you global visibility of your projects, campaigns, and social messages in a single publishing calendar. CoSchedule's calendar - A Sprout Social Alternative The Calendar makes it easy to proactively plan weeks, months, quarters, or even a year in advance. Best of all, it features drag-and-drop rescheduling, so you can quickly adjust timelines for social campaigns, projects, and events when priorities change.

Social Media Automation Tools

Similar to Sprout Social’s Sprout Queue, CoSchedule Marketing Suite includes a social media automation tool called ReQueue. Arrow pointing at ReQueue settings ReQueue automatically publishes messages across your social channels for you. With ReQueue, you can consistently fill in the gaps in your social schedule by resharing top-performing evergreen content.

AI Social Assistant

CoSchedule Marketing Suite includes multiple AI tools to help you create a more engaging social media strategy. The first AI tool is Mia, CoSchedule’s Marketing Intelligence Assistant. Chat with Mia, and she can help generate ideas and content in seconds. AI Social Assistant chat Utilize CoSchedule's Social Assistant for ideas Mia also features an AI prompt library that features over 500+ AI marketing prompts you can use to create high-quality content for your marketing strategy in less time. Writing social messages? CoSchedule's Social Assistant replying to a prompt asking for social messages You can even use Social Assistant to craft social messages The social message composer includes an AI Social Assistant. Share a link or topic of your message, and your AI Social Assistant will generate social message copy for you.

Social Media Campaigns

Want to promote an event, campaign, or new content? Marketing Suite makes it easy to group together related social media posts with Social Campaigns. Social Campaign view This way, you may apply a Status to the series of posts at the Project level. This empowers you to write and approve a campaign of social messages as a whole unit rather than individual posts to save time. Dragging blog post from 12th to 14th Easily reschedule your tasks by dragging it to another date Best of all, if timelines change, you can reschedule the entire series of messages in seconds with drag-and-drop rescheduling.

Social Media Analytics

Like Sprout Social, CoSchedule includes a series Social Media Reports, including:
  • Social Engagement Reports give you a high-level overview of your entire social strategy in a single report.
  • Social Campaign Reports measure the success of specific campaigns and intiatives.
  • Social Profile Reports analyze the best times, days, and message types for each profile across your social channels.
Social analytics Each report in CoSchedule Marketing Suite can be customized to measure and analyze your social performance.
In addition to social media integrations, Marketing Suite connects with Google Workplace products. This empowers your team to create, edit, comment, and approve content in progress easily:
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Analytics
If you’re a Microsoft shop, Marketing Suite connects with OneDrive, too. If you’re creating content for other marketing channels outside of social media, Marketing Suite also includes integrations for:
  • WordPress
  • HubSpot
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • And more!

Marketing Projects & Campaigns

CoSchedule Marketing Suite allows you to customize all of the types of content you want to see on your content calendar. So whether it’s Social Campaigns, Blog Posts, Emails, or maybe something more specific to your organization like Product Announcements, you can create and define these easily. You can even create Marketing Campaigns to group related projects for a cleaner view of progress and timelines. Marketing campaign Unlike Sprout Social, CoSchedule Marketing Suite is a complete content calendar for social media, content marketing, email marketing, and beyond.

More Reasons To Consider This Sprout Social Alternative

CoSchedule Marketing Suite also includes many other features and dashboards to help marketers organize all their marketing in one place, including:
  • Multiple Calendars - Create multiple calendars for specific teams, departments, or initiatives.
  • Request Forms - Streamline your project intake process with custom, shareable forms.
  • Approval Workflows - Add required approvals to your workflows to make sure everything meets standards before publishing.
  • Team Management - Delegate, assign, and reassign work via the Team Dashboard to effectively manage your team's priorities.
  •  Kanban Boards - Manage work through every stage of the creative process with customizable Kanban Boards.
  • Digital Asset Management - Store, index, and share your content with built-in content library.
Plus so much more. Get a breakdown of the top features in CoSchedule’s Calendar plans on our pricing page. Schedule your demo to get a full tour of CoSchedule Marketing Suite today.
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Whitney Deterding has 10+ years of experience in marketing with a focus on developing digital marketing strategies, managing marketing projects, and researching best practices for result-driven marketing. At CoSchedule, Whitney strategizes growth opportunities, develop's product positioning, and creates new research-based processes for the marketing team. Whitney also works on building cohesive branding across all internal departments. Whitney focuses on delivering value to the customers, growing the brand's identity, and increasing customer retention rates. She’s passionate about diving into data and developing new practices to grow the company. One of her main responsibilities is developing strategies for landing pages, emails, social posts, advertisements, promotions, product announcements, newsletters, website content, and everything else in between. Throughout this, she ensures that the company's messaging and positioning are aligned with customer needs.